Saturday, November 7, 2009

What a Night

I should be ashamed of myself, really, I should.  I also should have a hangover, really , I should. 

Thing is..... I'm not ashamed nor am I hung over!  LOL  We walked down to the neighbors house last night and I had to be driven home!  (I suppose I should be blushing here) I think I lucked out somehow as my heads just a little foggy this morning. Not even worthy of an aspirin.   We haven't really been anywhere in awhile so it was a lot of fun just getting out of the house and visiting with friends. DH had to walk back to the house to get the truck to take me home. We had a wonderful time, even if the DH had to pour me out of the car when we got home!  
I will do a "real" post later guys!  Till then.... just remember ...sometimes you just have to let your hair down and dance like no one is watching!


  1. Would today be a bad time to drop by? LOL

  2. I've heard fresh yard eggs are perfect for the 'day after' ...ha!

  3. LOL, I was wondering where you were last night.

    Bad girl, Sci, Bad............You forgot to call me and tell me to come with :(

    Oh well, at least one of us had some fun, glad you were able to let your hair down. :D Sometimes ya just gotta. Hehehe, Cyndi Lauper is going through my head now. LOL!
    "Girls just wanna have fun"


  4. roflmao...I guess we all need to just have a night of fun once in a while. When I drink, I just go to sleep, so it doesn't make for a fun night, but there are other ways to have fun too.
    Glad you don't have a hang over!

  5. lol....later you will have to post and tell us more about this wild evening you had. lol

  6. i am with Sonya - i want the details - bahahaha!
    i can't believe that DH had to go and get the truck to get you home - oh Sci - you kill me! but sooo glad to hear that you both had a great time!

  7. dirty laundry is best kept inside.:}

  8. Good girl!!! We all need to escape once an awhile! :)