Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stuff I Learned as A Kid

I learned alot of things from my grand parents.  I lived with them off and on for most of my younger life.  They taught me things that I didn't even realize I was learning.  Things like honesty, integrity, and work ethics.  That a person's word is their bond. That if you don't have the money for something you actually have to save for it. Things like that.

I also learned alot of other cool stuff from them both.

  My granddad taught me how to tie my shoes.  That comes in handy to this very day!!   He taught me how to dig for worms and how to fish with them.  He taught me how to use a hoe and how to identify weeds in the garden.  He made me practice that one! (alot) 
I learned that all the scraps in the house went into the compost barrel daily and I took them there. I learned how to shell peas.  It was mandatory!

When I was around kindergarten age I learned that if I got up REALLY early I could have breakfast with granddad which he always cooked before work. I learned that biscuits, squirrel, and gravy was a wonderful meal. Those breakfasts were always special.  I tasted my first quail and venison during those early morning hours. And that despite what my grandmother said.... coffee with lots of milk and sugar were GOOD.

He taught me how to pick dewberries and to watch out for snakes.  He always said if we were careful not to eat too many of them off the vine that Gran might make us a cobbler! 

My Grandmother taught me amazing things as well.  One was that if I went picking dewberries with Granddad.... not to let him eat them all off the vine so she could make us a cobbler!

   She tried to teach me alot of things that didn't quite "take hold" too.  Quilting, crochet, and sewing. She is a wonderful piano player and taught both my aunts to play.  She failed badly with me but hey she tried! I did get my love of music from her.  The music wasn't a total wash at least.  I learned to play guitar.

When I was thirteen my grandmother asked me what 3 colors were my favorites. Green, yellow, and orange were my choices.  A few weeks later she presented my with an afghan she made for me.  I loved that afghan.  It is one of the few things that I still have from back then!

 Well, last night we got our first freeze here in Central Texas.  I went looking for another blanket and .... you guessed it!  There it was! 

I dreamed of being a kid again last night fishing with my granddad and picking flowers with my grandma. Under that afghan, as I slept, I could feel the warmth of unconditional love surrounding me.


  1. thanks for sharing, thats nice.

  2. I loved that! My grandma was super special to me. She taught me how to cook and to sew and to keep a full stock of stuff in the pantry. She taught me how to tie my shoes AND to whistle!
    Most of all, she taught me how to be a grandma. I taught my grandson how to whistle this summer and I hope he'll remember me like I remember her.
    A GREAT post!

  3. That's really neat, Sci. What our parents and grandparents teach us, the knowledge they pass down to us, is the real treasure. I don't remember a tenth of the gifts I opened at Christmas or birthdays when I was a kid. But I remember my grandmother teaching me to embroider and tat and crochet ...I remember my mom teaching me to cook and sew ...I remember my dad teaching me about electronics and the inner workings of the old television sets and transistor radios. My fondest memories are of the times that they took the time to show me things and teach me things. I hope I taught my kids enough. I hope get a chance to teach my grandkids enough. Very special post, Sci. Thank you.

  4. Got a quilt that my grandma made in the 50's. Lots of memories every time I look at it!!

  5. I LOVE THIS POST !!! The person you are today shows me that you learned well my friend. I am so happy that you had a woderful life with those that loved you. Good for you. Thanks for the post, made me smile.

  6. Brought back a ton of memories. Those were truely the good simple times. Have to go now...have something in my eyes.

    God Bless

  7. Males ya wish they were still with us so we could pick their brains. Youth, wasted on the young because I have so many questions now for my grandparents and it is too late. Great post Spork Buddy!