Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weird Dreams

I had dream last night that has plagued me all day. I have never been one to dream to much. When I do I hardly ever remember them.  This one was different.

I dreamed about detention centers.   In the dream though it was more like some sort of relocation center with large housing units which would house 20 or so people each.  They had communial living areas including a kitchen.  There were blocks and blocks of these "houses". Kind of like a subdivision.  The difference was that there was a sense of "darkness" there. An aura of evil. That feeling that something or somone was lurking just out of sight.

At first I was alone.  I wandered around all over the place, checking things out. I noticed I had my purse with me (which turned out to be my BOB) and did a quick inventory.  I remember feeling relieved that I had brought it with me.

The next thing I remember was hearing voices.And someone with a bullhorn giving orders.  I looked out a window and saw armed men in black (just like in Pa) herding people along the road. People crying and calling out for their families.  Some of them were wounded and bleeding.  The police would stop upon entering each new block and pick people out of the crowd.  Those people were then divided into smaller groups and assigned to a housing unit.  One woman resisted, she was weeping and said she had to find her husband and her child.  They shot her in the head.

This was when I knew I had to get out of there. Somehow I managed not to get caught leaving the area. (Hey, it's a dream remember) I was walking in the woods and heard noises, so I slowly crept up to get a peek. 
There were 5-6 armed men sitting under a tree discussing what they thought their next move would be.  I "knew" these men were the resistance.  About that time I stepped on a branch and they all spun around with rifles raised.  I stood there like a dear in the headlights.
  And then I woke up.  How did you sleep last night?


  1. Sci I am a vivid dreamer. I know it was just a dream but your subconsus mind was reminding you to always be prepared. FK

  2. Seems like we all are going through some things right now - from dreams to not being able to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. My clock is all messed up and we are up til 2 or 4 and sometimes 4! Yikes!No dreams yet that I remember - Brad has had some lately though. Yours is "telling" and your version of the 'NIGGLE!"

  3. Sleep with one eye open. lol Hope it does not come to that.

    See Ya

  4. Sleeping almost as well as you, SciFi...
    I don't have any kids around... the last week or so has been nightmares of running and carrying crying kids whose bodies are covered in puss oozing sores... dunno to where or why or what... just miserable lately when I hear about our kids being taught to pledge allegiance to hussein and singing praise to him... I think I need a shrink.
    Shy III

  5. maybe you were just watching a Fema Camp promo tape just before you went to bed.