Friday, July 31, 2009

And Again... I'm Just Saying

I'm having a brain fart. Ever had one? If you have to ask wtf is a brain fart then move to the back of the bus.... it might be terminal! LOL
Is it just me ?
Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with the BS going down all around us that I just want to crawl up in a cave somewhere and hibernate until it all goes away. Trouble is.... It's not gonna go away and I don't have my ducks in a row. I'm trying but....I'm just not there.

Things are spiraling out of control in this country and the brakelines have been cut. We are on a train that is derailing as you read this. There seems to be no stopping . And so I drag myself up offa my personal pity pot, wipe my sniveling nose and my sorry a$$, and make it through another day... another week... another month.

I'm still "dealing" out of our preps and I HATE IT! I feel like every day that we burn thru our food storage we are taking three steps back. I want to be able to move one step forward again.

If the swine flu "epidemic" happens as they propose,it will be even worse. I have drawn a line in the sand. I work in Food Service. If there is a mandatory Flu vaccination I am sure that all people associated in the business willl be made to show proof of vaccination or not be allowed to work in the public. Ain't gonna happen here. I refuse to take those shots. Not going to happen. Never. They will drag me kicking and fighting to the very end. I would rather die on my feet than be subjected to begging on my knees for some scraps in a FEMA camp. The DH and I have discussed this more than a few times and we are in agreement here.

OK I know this is a rather bleak post and I almost didn't post it.
I just wanted to let those of you who get like this once in awhile's normal. We should be depressed about the state of our nation. It is a sad thing to watch our country spiral down the toilet. We all have to just stay the course and fight the good fight. It ain't over till its over. Right?
The rant in my head is so much better than the rant on this post! I am just sometimes "consumed" with all that I read and the things I see going on around me.

Hey ... I'm just sayin....


  1. as you know, I'm in trucking...I think they may want to hold our cdl's in front of our faces to blackmail us into getting vaccinated, what we need is to find some patriotic doctors that will sign us off, I'd be happy to pay a couple grand to get out of it.

  2. I WON'T be taking no f**kin shots.

  3. Your rant sounds pretty much like the one that's been raging in my head for the past several months. I've only 'publicized' my feelings to YOF so far, but just know you're not alone in how you feel about all this. As far as the flu shot, I work for the State (Texas, thank God!) and they sent around two state-wide emails last week about the swine flu. So far, they are just saying if you or anyone in your household is so much as TESTED for the swine flu, you are not allowed to come to work until you ...and all household members ...bring proof from a doctor that all the tests were negative. There's only YOF and me in our household and we don't go to the doctor for anything short of a heart attack. But sheesh!

  4. Darlin - thanks for sharing this! we all feel overwhelmed at certain times - let it all out when it happens!

    as for enforced vaccinations and S*** hitting the fan - i know it sounds crazy but you get your butts up to cape breton island! we will take in all of our friends!!! and buddy - that 6 acres needs to be cleared and farmed - we'll need your help! and there is a definite spot on that 6 acres to park your RV!!!

  5. Amen SF and i agree - seems we are all feeling this way right now so we must all be crazy eh?? Hang in there - we have come to far! And, we have been using our preps to as no benefits have come in for hubster yet and we are broker than broke LOL! Oh well.

  6. You're not alone. I have these thoughts also. Crazy times we're in. Take care and rant away!