Saturday, July 25, 2009

We had a major loss this last week. Our calico mama kitty herein known as KerryKitty disappeared and we have not been able to locate her. I know I talked about her several months ago and how she came to be with us. But for those that don't know... I've try to do an abreviated version.

We were at a gathering of friends to memorialize the passing of our friend Kerry one week to the day that he passed. He had a beautiful austrailan shepard (Boots) that had a thing for chasing cats. It was the end of the evening and we were helping his wife put things away and just sharing some downtime after a very stressful week. We hear Boots chasing something and a meowwwwing, so we raced over to access the damage. One big dog holding a lil bitty calico in his mouth! I got the kitty away and the poor thing was covered in (thank gawd) doggy drool. I took it over to DH and asked him "What are we gonna do with it?" He smiled and said "I guess we are gonna call it Kerry"

LOL I guess that wasn't so "abreviated" as I thought!

Anyway, back to the beginning of this post. We have no idea what happened to her....she's just gone. I am truly hoping that someone just thought she needed a home and took her with them. I don't wanna share the other thoughts that have passed through my mind. I know everyone has had this happen at one point or another. It still sucks.
We have decided to keep one of her litter. We call her possum. Don't ask, you would have to see her to understand! She's the one looking at ya in the above pic! We still have one more kitty to find a home for or she will end up with us as well. Honestly, I just hope we can find a home for her sister. I'm still trying!


  1. Oh, scifi, I'm sorry.
    Maybe she'll still turn up.

    I think you should keep both kitties, if not, ship one up North to Wolfe. Haha!


  2. Hi scifi, me again, I wasn't able to access the chat room tonight. So I'll let you know here.

    I done went and did it, I started a blog. Haha! here is the link if you want to give it a look


  3. Sorry to hear about KerryKitty. She might still turn up. Had a cat that disappeared for a week and when she showed back up was sporting a brand new collar. I think she has a "trout line" now.

  4. Sure know what you mean by losing a cat, especially if they're a long time companion. My oldest cat is 13 and I dread the day that she goes - we've been through so much together. YeOldFart's right, I had a cat that was gone two months and returned, a little worse for wear. Treesong

  5. Thanks for the update on the kitties - soo sorry to hear about KerryKitty, I imagine someone saw the sweet cat and gave her a home. Maybe you even end up up like YeOldFurt's kitty who came back with a new collar

    As with all kitties, where one is great, two are better, why not keep em both!?!? Yeah I know, thats how people end up as those people with 100 cats!

    Felinae, like the site - nice theme

  6. Felinae, I've tried to talk DH into it but so far its a no go. LOL I couldn't get into chat either. I like your proud of ya!!! hehee.. ummm.... your comment section is a lil buggy though.

    YOF I keep hoping she will show. She's a pretty cool cat!

    Treesong It's hard loosing a dear friend no matter what the breed~

    McNamys no problem on the update! And believe me I'm trying to work the "two kitty" concept into being HIS idea!

    Thank you all for stopping by!