Thursday, April 23, 2009

These Are The Good Old Days

These are the good old days. We just haven't realized it yet.

Obama is keeping one promise from his campaign. Change. Oh yes there will be more change than most people can wrap their minds around. It has already begun. Our United States of America has been hijacked. And We the people (especially those of us who are aware) have a duty to fight for and uphold our Constitution. We are entrusted with saving this nation.

Face it people, there is no HERO coming to save us. We have to be the HERO's here. Each and every one of us. We are under attack by the very people that we have elected to govern us. Each of us should be out there every day spreading the word. Get others involved. People are starting to wake up. Not fast enough I'm afraid. At least I am seeing forward motion. I just hope it is not too late. Get involved.
Make a difference.

And on that note, it is not healthy to always be on high alert. Everyone needs a little downtime. It can be overwhelming for me at times. When it does I remind myself to step back and breathe in my dear freedoms.

Look around you and remember all the good things around you. Count your blessings. Take the time to talk to your kids. Visit with your family. When was the last time you called your mom or dad? Sit out by the garden and watch it grow. Sit out on the backporch and watch the sunset. Listen to the birds sing. Go fishing. Spend time with your better half. When was the last time you out of the blue said "I Love You" just because. One day I will look back on these days and am sure to call them the good old days.

And now I will shamelessly post some pictures of the garden. LOL The tomatoes are coming along well and are starting to flower.

Check out my bag of potato's... I'm excited as We haven't raised potato's before and are trying a new method here.

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  1. Sweet! Those are some nice healthy plan's going to be a while for me, it even snowed here today.

  2. Your garden is looking fantastic, wtg!

  3. Molly I don't know how ya stumbled in here but I am glad that ya did! I just checked out your blog!! Love it!
    Thanks for stopping in.

  4. the garden looks AWESOME! Good job SciFiChick...please share more garden updates and pics with us...i thoroughly enjoy it!