Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preppers Podcast

For those that didn't catch it over at the Kentucky Preppers Network , I participated in the first Prepper Podcast. It truly was a nice experience and Matt is doing a great job over there. Also on the podcast we had Tom from the American Preppers Network and Ernie from the Indiana Preppers Network. If somehow you haven't checked out these sites....your missing out! Great information for each and everyone of us!

We are doing dinner "out" tonite. DH has the pit fired up and is going to put a rack of pork ribs on. I've got a mess of blackeyed peas cooking on the "canner" stove. That would be the one out on the patio as it is still way to hot to cook for too long inside. Once the peas are done I am making some boiled fresh squash with onions and after that.... we have just enough okra to do a couple of servings of fried okra! Along with the very last of the chili bread it ought to be quite a feast! I wonder what the rich people are eating tonight!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful dinner, Scifi.

    You did an awesome job on the podcast :D

    That is a beautiful sunset, you've captured.

    Have a great evening.


  2. you're becoming quite the celebrity eh? you did awesome on the podcast and i hope to hear you on again!

    and what a yummy-sounding dinner --- got any left-overs?

  3. Howdy,

    Enjoy the blog. Can you explain what a "canner" stove is?
    MaMaBear in the Mitten

  4. I ain't rich, but even if I was I would rather eat from your table.

    See Ya

  5. So, what time is dinner?? Got so pissed off at Brad that I won't eat for a couple days lol! Sounds yummy though!

  6. Hey Fel! Thanks, the sunset pic was taken about a week ago just outside the front gate.

    Kymber.... don't know about the celebrity status but as long as it advances the Prepper Networks I'm all for speaking out!

    Mama.... the "canner" stove is a propane one burner stove I use out on the patio so as not to have to heat the house up in the summer. And thanks for stopping by!

    Did It MY Way.... your welcome at my table anytime!

    Ernie.... Dinner time is whenever ya want it to be... we don't need no stinking clock to tell us when we are hungry!

    Thanks for stopping in!