Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Well here we go. I haven't got a single thing in my head to blog about today but as this IS my site I guess I can just let it roll and see what happens!

The first attempt at putting in the fall garden has been almost a 100% total loss. One good thing about living here in Cental Texas though is that we still have about a month before it gets too late for planting the fall crop. The drought we are in hasn't made this a good year. I planted all of the West garden(except for the pea patch- which is amazingly still producing!) about a month ago and all that has come up are about 10 turnip plants. Sad but true. The part I hate the worst is that I wasted all those good non-hybrid seeds. Oh well, I suppose I ought to chalk it up to the learning curve.

The east garden is still producing a little okra and the yellow squash is slowing way down but I got a few baby squash from it this morning. Enough for a side dish for dinner tonite. The new tomato plants are coming along. I sure hope they do well as we got almost nothing from the spring plants. This is the first year that the spring plants haven't lasted through the fall. They just flat burned up. Such a hot summer!
The one thing that I planted with any luck so far this fall is winter squash. It is doing well and actually is blooming already!

Well I am off to make some bread and I still have errands to run!
Guess I ought to get busy!

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  1. Hiya Sci :D

    For somebody that didn't have anything in her head to blog about you sure did a fine job of it. :)

    I'm sorry about your garden woes, but at least your squash is doing good. :D

    Bread? chili bread? I need a bread maker because I have to try this recipe out sometime before I turn 90. LOL!

    Have a great day, my friend


  2. Hey SciFi
    Your temps sound like ours here. I beat every summer by planting under 50% shadecloth. I am also getting ready to put in the wicking bed (how to make them on my blog under the labels section. Now these beds combined with shadecloth will beat even the 49C temps we get here and you only have to water once a week!

  3. Rats girl - so sorry to hear about your garden. Did you try planting organic potatoes from the store?
    and congrats on the squash - one can never have too much!