Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bill and the Bumper Sticker

Our neighbor ( I'll call him Bill) is probably one of the most interesting sheeple I have ever met. He loves to talk politics. The problem is he only garners about half of what he hears. He's one of those "older gentlemen" who like to spout off what he has seen on CNN and the like. There have been more conversations between the DH and Bill than I can count. Most end up with Bill getting mad and leaving. He's a democrat and couldn't stand Bush. (Those were some exciting talks!) Especially with all the facts DH was tosssing at him.
He cannot understand that the government would or could possibly NOT have our best interest at heart. We have talked till blue in the face, printed out documents, shown him video's. You name it ....we have tried it! I thought the man would have a heart attack when we started talking to him about 9/11 being an inside job. I hate to admit it but sometimes the DH or I would bring up facts just to get him riled up! LOL What can I say! Just trying to wake him up, right?

When we ordered the Alex Jones DVD THE OBAMA DECEPTION they sent us 2 bumper stickers with the disc. One of them was "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" Well, DH being the smarta$$ that he can be, took that sticker and put it on Bill's car. It was on there for a couple of months before he noticed it! To this day, he hasn't figured out who might have slapped that sticker on his car!



  1. LOL! Priceless, SciFi, it the guy can't figure out who put it there, he deserves to be led off the cliff.


  2. LMAO...I'm gonna have to do that too!

  3. I love it! Tell DH, right on! Way to go phantom resistance!

  4. hmmm...that gives me some great ideas! lol
    (can you see trouble coming my way? *snicker*)

  5. Thanks for the tip. I now have plenty of time to get into trouble.

    What fun this will be.

  6. bahahaha - i love it SciFi - way to go gurl!

  7. I am rolling thinking what his friends and coworkers thought!!