Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chili Bread's Ready!

As usual my days off are for catching up! Housework, laundry, ya know- same stuff different week. I've got onions in the dehydrator that STILL aren't done. I wish they would hurry up because I'm itching to try my hand at dehydrated eggs. I got tired of waiting for Dean from AZ to post his "how-to" and did a little searching. I'll let ya'll know how that turns out.(if the danged onions ever get finished!)

I made another loaf of chili bread yesterday. OMGOSH that stuff is addicting. I'm back on track with my bread making again after having fallen off the wagon last week and buying my first store bought bread in months. I have to say its a bit "lacking" in taste and texture after eating homemade for so long!

I am not sure what is going on out in the gardens. I planted a bunch of stuff about 3 1/2 weeks ago. The squash is coming up just fine. And the tomato plants are looking good. So far there are a few turnips sprouting and ONE lettuce plant. I think I might have planted things a little too deep. That and the heat haven't helped much at all. If the west garden is still looking like this next week I intend to replant. So far none of the cabbage, brussel sprouts or spinach has made an appearance.

Still on my to do list for the day is putting up some pickled okra. Another first for me but I'm sure it will turn out fine. One thing I have learned over the past few months with food preservation is DONT BE SCARED! Just jump out there and try it! Most of the time it all works out like it is supposed to. I am actually looking forward to fall tomato canning! We only got 14 pints from the spring tomato's. That was disappointing but hey.... I'll live!

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  1. The bread is looking SciFi :D sounds like you've got a busy day planned. Have a good one!


  2. Sweet Mother of God Gurl - it's first thing in the morning - do you have to have a pic of a gorgeous home-made bread up??? i am drooling into my coffe cup and all over my keyboard!!!!

    i can't wait to hear how the dehydrating eggs comes out - make sure to let us know!

    i am way behind in getting to planting my fall garden...i think that we are going to build a small hoop house over the weekend and plant some cold-hardy veggies and see how that turns out. have you sprouted any taters yet?

  3. Wow!!! Nice to know I have a woman waiting on me!
    Sorry for the delay,having a lot going on lately.
    Dehydrated egg's: Mix egg's in a blender,or whisk them very well.Pour into a thin layer on the solid sheet for your dehydrator,or line it with plastic wrap,not aluminum foil! Dehydrate on low heat til dry,about 6-8 hour's.Break into piece's like peanut brittle,then into the blender to powder them!
    Dean in Az

  4. Thanks for the recipe Dean. I figured if I pushed it you would give up the directions!!! I love it when something actually works!

    Ernie, the bread turned out GREAT as usual!

    Fel, I just love this bread!

    Kymber, I haven't started the taters yet....still need to do that. Down here I still have about a month to go before everything has to be in the ground so I will be replanting a few things like the cabbage n such. It didn't go so well the first time. I'm sure its because its just been too hot. I'm not giving up yet!