Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fall Garden Start

We sat out on the patio last night listening to the radio and planning the garden's blueprint. We also decided that pointing one way or the other to which plot we were talking about was getting a little confusing. (Well for me anyway!) So now there is the East garden and the West garden.

The East garden still has okra going nuts and the pepper plants seem to be taking a breather from the heat. I hope they will come back on to flowering again after the heat subsides some. We shall see!
DH put in six more tomato plants a few days ago. They are looking pretty good. The only things I have planted down there so far are the Acorn squash and a couple of Spagetti squash. They are all coming up and are about 3 inches tall already!

This morning I went out to the West garden and planted cabbage, lettuce, turnips and spinach. The blackeyed peas are still coming in up there. I shucked a bucket of them Sunday and they netted us about 5 pounds of shelled peas that went into the freezer. Well, except for the pot I made for dinner to go with the pecan smoked brisket. Yummy, I tell ya! There is no comparison to fresh peas versus dried peas. Oh, and I made another batch of Chili Bread to go with it as well.

There is still some major planting to do in both gardens. We are going to be putting in broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, more lettuce,and swiss chard. None of these either of us have grown before so we shall see what comes of it. You can't learn if you don't at least make an attempt right?

I dehydrated a load of frozen corn sunday. Yesterday I did a load of frozen peas. And today I am drying Sage and Basil. I have really been giving the dehydrator a work out lately. I have done carrots and celery as well. I've done one load of potato's but I really didn't like the way they looked. I want to try them again though. This time I want to try dicing them rather than slicing.

And for those of you who know about Dean's post over at the APN, I thought I would post a cute Kitty picture..... because I CAN! LOL

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  1. LOL! SciFi, that was priceless! I happend to love kitty pics!


  2. SciFi,
    Love the kitty pic. Looks like our pepper & tomato plants aren't doing so well but the cantaloupe are doing swell. You're killing me with the chilibread. Drool!!
    Up the Dean!!!

  3. My daughter is going to try the chili bread and I may even serve it at the August get together!
    Oh, and can you be sure totake a picture of the kitty in a teacup next time? We wanna make sure Dean really got it right! lol

  4. bahahahahaha!
    i am starting to feel sorry for poor Dean - NOT!!!

  5. Great pic! Well, at lest you were able to dehydrate your frozen corn - I screwed that one up!! Oh well, I will figure it out - if when I mixed them up a lot got too done and the rest weren't done enough! Ahh!

  6. Howdy,

    Just a tip - my dehydration book said to steam four to six minutes then rinse in cold water prior to dehydrating. This is suppose to help stop the browning. I've heard this from several others too.

    We've got our dehydrator fired up too.....did zucchini, chives, parsley - flat and curly, kale. Getting ready to do patty pan squash and more zucchini. LOVE IT.

    OH - and LUVVVVVVVV the kitty pics. Have a great day.

    MamaBear in the Mitten