Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dehydrating Strawberries

As I was saying last time, It is strawberry season!  The only thing I don't like is that the season is sooo short!  I just love strawberries!  They are one of my favorite fruits and my very favorite berry.  Shocking isn't it?  I really like other berries and hope to be growing some blueberries and blackberries soon.  But you can bet I am going to have to put in a strawberry bed too!  

I'm not lucky enough (yet) to be growing my own strawberries.  Lots of folks are in the same situation.  Even if you don't grow the dang things you sure can make good use of them.  Don't let folks tell you otherwise.  Watch for sales at your local grocery store or visit your farmer's market.  My plans are to pick up as many as I can afford.  I'll eat as many fresh as I possibly can , dry some to put on my cereals or whatever and make jelly with the rest. Lot's of folks freeze them but I try not to use my freezer for them.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, I just don't do it.

One of the ways I like to preserve them is to dehydrate them. It's super easy to do and even the prep time isn't all that bad.  Just core your strawberries and slice them evenly. (about  1/4 inch slices)  Place them on your dehydrator trays.  Don't let them touch, you want the air to circulate around them.   

   Kinda like having the kids in the car yelling "She's touching me- make her stop touching me!!" OK ... what was I sayin'?  Oh yeah,  Set your dehydrator at about 135 degrees and dry until they are dry to the touch and still a little pliable.  Let them cool and then store them in a canning jar or a zip-lock bag.  My suggestion for those of you who have a Vacuum Sealer is to vacuum seal them in a canning jar and store them in a cool dark place.

They are great to eat by the handful for a yummy snack.  They are also wonderful in oatmeal or your favorite cereal.  Try them in your baked goods too!  I made a yummy strawberry cake a while back with dried fruit.  Kids love them too so if you want to keep them around you might want to "hide" them somewhere!  LOL

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  1. I told you we were going to the farmer's market on Sunday...and you are making me impatient! :D

    Love them too. The one thing I don't have is a dehydrator. I am going to have to work on that because what an awesome idea. I am a big fan of Special K cereal [I eat it for dessert, no kidding] and it would be extra special with dried strawberries on it. YUM!

  2. Me too! Hubby and I dehydrated a couple of pounds already and I'm hiding some so it doesn't get eaten up right away. I'd like them to last at least a few weeks!

  3. why do you core them?
    Dean in az

  4. SkippyMom, I love cereal for dessert too! Adding dried strawberries or blueberries just makes it even better. :)
    I used to buy the Special K with strawberries but now I just add my own instead.

    LOL Anne good luck keeping your stash a secret :o)

    Hey Dean! When I say core them I meant take off the green leaf "thingy:. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. ::sigh:: Another thing I need to buy: a dehydrator!

  6. Do you add an oxygen absorber packet to the jar before vacuum sealing? Thanks! I love my Excalibur but it hasn't gotten a lot of use. This year is changing and it's going as I type. Dehydrating canned pineapple that was on sale!

  7. Its great Idea, Strawberries are my favorite too..