Friday, March 25, 2011

List Making

Some of you guys may remember that I'm a list maker.  Not just a causal one.  You know, the person that makes an occasional grocery list?  That's not what I'm talking about.  I makes lists of all sorts of things. Lists of things I need to get done today, some for what need to get done later on. I make grocery lists, prep lists, lists of projects I would like to do. List's of what it would take to get those projects done. List's of list's!  And they are everywhere.  On backs of envelopes, in several notebooks, on old receipts, pretty much anything I can write on. Not to mention the cool gadget I have on my computer desk top.  Those "sticky notes" pretty much cover the screen!

 Some of the latest list's have to do with what all I need to do to get ready to move out to the land.  One of them involves cleaning the RV. Of course it is full of most all of our things. When I say full I mean that there is a small pathway  in the front and I can't even walk into the bedroom kind of full.  Boxes and buckets and food preps.  I've had to go through boxes and find the winter clothes and all sorts of odds and ends that I have needed to use over the past few months. We have pulled out tools and equipment for various projects.  You get the idea?  What that really means is that I have crap stuff sort of all over the place that needs to be repacked. 
Another list of all the cleaning that has to be done has been made.  Now I just have to try and get some of this stuff done. At first it seems overwhelming.  Which is why I have start the newest list(s).  If I can just break things down into smaller chores, it makes things seem to go more smoothly.  Kind of like the question "How do you eat an elephant?"  The answer, of course, is one bite at a time. 
~~~  Hey ... I'm Just Sayin' ... ~~


  1. :) baby steps, Sci. You don't want to burn yourself out preparing for the move because that will zap all the excitement out of having your own place.

    Just wondering, is there a way for you to maybe get out to the property and put up a storage shed before the move? Then you could take the stuff you aren't using right now and store it there. It would free up some space in the motor home.

    I'm still Happy Dancing for you. LOL!


  2. That sure is a nice looking piece of land. With no threat of close neighbors all around, you have the privacy of large acreage. You made a great choice.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I am a list maker too, but not quite that big, but I am starting to see with summer coming and all the crap in my house, with mote to come I have to get a move on to clean it out.

    Although I can say I haven't gotten to the "path" stage yet. Well, unless you go in the master bedroom. Yeah, that. heehee

    Good luck! I am excited for your move. :)

  4. Hey Fel You always seem to know just the things to say! As for the storage shed, there is an old pole barn on the place.It needs some work though. I'm hoping to find some sheet metal to seal it in, maybe we can find some on craigslist...

    Dizzy- thanks! we only have one neighbor out there. I haven't met them yet but it will be so nice not to have neighbors on all sides.

    Skippy- the reason for the path is... well... stuff just seems to grow. And since we have been pretty much using the RV for storage, things are ... well... crowded.

  5. Congratumalations! I'm so happy for you. One step at a time - or at least one step between sprints. haha.

  6. Thank goodness for lists!! I would be lost without mine. It's good to know I am not the only one.