Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Still Here

Sorry, it's been a few days since I've checked in, but you know how it is... Life sometimes gets in the way of writing here.  For someone with very little going on in my daily comings and goings there have been quite a few little things going on.  Spring is definitely here!
The garden is coming right along.  All the seedlings, except for the tomato's and peppers, are now moved from the greenhouse and into their new home in the garden. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, some turnips and carrots are all doing great! We got some beans planted and more turnips along with some beets and swiss chard.   Mrs.M's boat is all planted. Along with the transplanted turnips and carrots we have some radishes and spinach in there.  I just love Mr's M's boat idea!  What a great way to recycle an old boat AND have a raised bed full of goodies!
     I am still having some troubles with getting the pepper plants started.  Not a single one of them have sprouted yet. I'm still hoping that they will though.  We planted several different types so I can rule out the seeds not being any good.  I'm pretty sure this is where the "patience" comes into play. 

    The tomato's, on the other hand, are going like gang-busters. They are right on track to go in the ground when the soil warms up.  A while back I thought that maybe we could make a little extra money selling tomato plants.  That's kind of how we ended up with over 60 plants! Now I don't know if I really want to sell them.  Of course there is a little problem about where the heck we are going to put them all... Oh well, I suppose I'll just play it by ear.Things have a way of working out most of the time. 
    Mars and I are the only ones who eat tomato's around here so I could easily put enough of them up to have a years worth. I'd like to put up some tomato sauce, whole tomato's, spaghetti sauce, etc.  I want to dry some too.  Did you know that you can make tomato sauce and paste from dried tomato powder?  It's also easier to store since it takes so much less room. Besides, with very few exceptions, most all vegetables can be dried.  I am trying to avoid filling up the freezer with them.  We only have a little one and I don't want to waste the space with veggies. I keep hoping a cow will  "fall out of the sky" and into my freezer!!  I want to have room, just in case ya know.... 
.  I've been trying to hone my baking skills lately.  It's really working out well too.  Or it appears to be since stuff disappears almost as fast as I make it! Today I tried my hand at making dinner rolls. They turned out really great, even if I do say so myself.   In a way I'm going to miss winter time.  It just gets too hot to bake  in the summertime. Especially in my little trailer. We have been talking about making an old fashioned "summer kitchen" when we get moved.  I really like the idea and don't think it will be too expensive if we can find most of what we will need through Craigslist and the like.  A sink with running water, a bit of counter space and a stove to cook on.... yep, it could work!  I could do my canning and baking out there. Oh and dehydrating too.
  Speaking of dehydrating, I went garage sale shopping this weekend.  I found a good second dehydrator.  It's an older model American Harvester -Snackmaster with 4 trays and has a thermostat and a bottom fan. I payed all of $2.00 for it!! With the trays my mom sent me for my birthday I can have them both running. (still thinking about all those tomato's!) One thing I've figured out about dehydrators is that most folks don't use them much. There are alot of folks that will buy one or get one for Christmas, make a couple of batches of jerky and end up  in a garage sale or a thrift store. 
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  1. Sounds like you will be eating a lot of tomatoes this year. Can't have a garden here, the ferrel hogs will get it. The large one can get through almost any fence. Has done so in the fenced in part behind my house. Good find on the dehydrator.

  2. I understand about life getting in the way. The time change has made it where we do not get in the house till 8:00 PM. Then it's a quick supper, shower, then bed. I am having trouble getting the blog posts in every day. Glad to hear you garden is doing well. Mine is struggling right now for some reason.

  3. A couple of years ago I found the best stove for a summer kitchen on Craigs List. A guy had taken a gas stove with oven from a camper and put it on a gas grill frame. Hooked it to a LP bottle. I picked it up for 20 bucks and love it! It is on my back porch and I can, cook and bake with it all summer because of the heat and humidity here. My house doesn't get heated up and it has wheels if I want to move it around or even out in the yard.

  4. Your page always makes this fat gal HUNGRY!!

  5. oooh I want a dehydrator so much. I know that you can find great, used bread makers at garage sales for as little as $5 too - same as the dehydrators, people want them, use them a few times and then store them.

    I am glad we kept our bread machine because I really need it now since I can stand and knead like I used to. It is awesome.

    And yep! I was wondering where you got off to - but I understand how busy this time of year is. We are going to plant tomatoes this weekend. Our first time. Wish us luck :)

    Take care and can't wait to read more.

  6. I was just thinking about a dehydrator the other day, thanks for reminding me about yard sales. My tomatoes seeds just came up. I wish my peppers would. Nothing yet.
    Glad you are back.