Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More This and That

The weather we are having all over the country is truly amazing.  There are folks all over the country that are having record breaking snow and cold. Nothing like that here now. We are blessed with sunshine and temps in the 40's.   But it's times like this that make you realize that being prepared is a whole lot more than just preparing for a huge disaster. I wouldn't want to have to be worried about being snowed in and have to brave the weather just because I didn't have groceries enough to last for a few days.  Having your kitchen well stocked will help you avoid having to "run to the store" in all this nasty weather.  You will be warm and dry while your clueless neighbor will have to weather the storm.  You don't want to keep up with the Jones' . You want to be ahead of the game.  Yet another reason to prepare. 

I've been listening to a pretty cool internet radio station for awhile now.  It is a Patriot station  called  The Watchmen . Some of you might be familiar with a couple of the hosts there. But one of  MY favorite shows is hosted by Canadian Patriot.  Her show format is Prepping.  She covers all sorts of interesting prepper topics and there is Chat as well.  I love that because it really makes the show interactive. She is a truly down to earth person and you can tell it.  You can hear the passion in her voice.  Anyway, she has a Monday- Friday show from 3PM-4PM Central Time so if you get a chance pop in and give her a listen. I don't think you will be disappointed!

I've been checking out some seed catalogs.  This is the time of year that I love to sit and drool over all the things that I would like to try and grow.  MrsM got one in the mail a few days ago that is nothing but tomato's and peppers.  I had NO idea there were that many kinds of tomato's!  I've been oohhing and awwwing over all the choices.  To bad I can't afford to try all the ones that look interesting. Hey, if you would like to help me out there is a Donate button up on the right!!  You know when I think about  it.... If  you can afford to do it, wouldn't it be a great idea to order every one of the seeds you think "Oh, That's neat... I should try it".   They just might come in handy one day and really how can you ever have too many seeds? And now that the Food Safety Act has passed,  it might just get a lot harder to find good non-Monsanto seeds than ever.

I found some green bell peppers on sale the other day and so I picked them up and am drying them right now.  Drying bell peppers is easy to do.  Just cut them in even pieces and lay them on your trays. Don't let them touch if you can help it. Dry them at 125 degrees until they are dry and hard.  Let them sit somewhere for a day or so to make sure they are quite dry and then store them in a vacuum sealed jar.If they aren't quite done, just pop them back in the dryer for a couple of more hours.   They are great in all sorts of cooking. Most anywhere you would use green peppers will work.

MrsM has an old boat that she has converted into a raised bed. The soil in it really needs to be "worked" and new soil added.  She has a whole bunch of leeks in there that Mars is moving to another spot in the yard.  They are perennials and so they really need a new home.  That way we can plant other things in there this spring. We are hoping to have lots of places ready to grow stuff by spring.

I was finally able to download my pictures from the camera.  This sharing the computer really has some downfalls.  Mars is very "picky" about what goes on it.  So I have to do without some things that I am accustomed to having, like my Yahoo Messenger.  Oh well, some computer is wayyyy better than none right!

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  1. There was time when not every house had a telephone ...or a car. Now most have two, or three, or more. There was a time when just a few people had home computers, now most everyone has at least one ...many have more than one. Yeoldfurt and I will let the other use our computers when the need arises ...but neither of us enjoy it much. He's on the same page with Mars and also shuts everything down (and I do mean EVERYTHING) when he walks away. I, on the other hand, am very much into instant gratification when I sit down at my keyboard so I don't shut down anything. Well, maybe Quicken. But certainly not my browser or email! LOL

    Hope you get your own computer back soon, Sci. For both your sakes ...for the sake of peace and harmony.

    : )