Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Daylight Nightmare

Man, I hate days like today. Warning!!! This could be seriously boring and detrimental to your sense of peace, so if you are not prepared and/or would rather pass then now is the time to do it. See that big X on the upper left hand side of your screen?    Going once... going twice...

First of all I had to make the drive into The Big City for a Doctor's appointment.  You would think that would have been enough. But... no... that was just the beginning of a daylong nightmare. I got a call last week that my CT scan had finally been scheduled and to be there today at 12:30pm.  No problem. Except that at that time of day apparently they are taking their lunch break.  So I wait until they get back at 1.  That's when they tell me that my scheduled appointment isn't until 2:30. They can't do it sooner because the guy that does the test won't be back till after two.  Then she smiles (all evil like)  and hands me a bottled of flavored (badly) chalky substance and tells me I have 15 minutes to "Drink Up and enjoy the best you can!" ( yeah, she actually said that)  I've never had a CT scan before so I didn't really know what to expect. Now I know it involves nasty tasting barium solutions and I.V.s (oh and bruises too)   They try to cover the flavor of that shi "stuff" with some sort of Berry Flavored label.  Yeah, right.  That concoction  is downright nasty!  I'm also thinking that I have all sorts of poisons floating around in me now.
I was supposed to have had another appointment with another doctor today, but having received the call about the scan, I called to reschedule.  The receptionist told me that since I lived so far out of town to just come by after the scan and she would work me in.  Yeah, that worked out well.   NOT!  I showed up around 4:00 and waited and waited and finally got in a little after 5:00. 

I know I've mentioned that I have had to "re-do" alot of the things that have been done already at the other doctors office but I didn't tell ya about the new doctor not wanting any of the "old" doctor's lab tests and such.  Well, today he wanted to do MORE tests that I have just recently had done.  I had a total melt-down and threw a full fledged  tantrum.  I don't know how else to say it.  (except maybe that I showed my a$zz)    I didn't see any point in having to go through all that over again and made my feelings quite clear.  Not only is it the $$ involved but it also has to do with the 50+ one way drive(s)  for "do-overs".  All the sudden he seemed more than willing to take a look at my "old" records.  Go figure!   So I finally get out of the office a little after  6:00 thinking I will just stop and get the new prescriptions filled.  Oh no, of course it wasn't going to be that easy! 
I get to the pharmacy and I'll be danged if they weren't out of the dosage of the new drug.  So then of course the phone calls started.  Eventually it was straightened out and I was on my way home. I made pretty good time though and was pulling into the drive at close to 8PM.  Nothing like a full day of  fun in the sun, right?  
If  you are still reading this then I applaud your tenacity. (Or boredom as the case may be)  I promise that next time I will try to bring something to the table just a bit more "fun".  Now I just need to come up with something.... Any ideas?

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  1. Sounds like a crappy day. I hope the new doctor is able to come up with a course of treatment for you, rather than just ordering more tests ;). Sending healthful thoughts and well wishes :).

  2. Man, I just hate those kind of days. All the time you sit and wait on others you're probably doing what I would be doing, thinking of all the things I could be accomplishing at home

    I once told a Dr. I was going to bill them for my time, lost time that is! He didn't think it was to funny, and guess what I didn't care. You sit in the waiting room until well after your appointment time, then they get you in a room and you sit waiting again, sometimes almost an hour, then the nurse might come in and take your temp and blood pressure, then you wait some more. Well, this is only going to get WORSE with Obamacare. One time I was scheduled for an x-ray and over an hour later( close to being two hours) the x-ray tech had not come to get me and I had to be home within 20 minutes( my Mom was babysiting the kids and had an appointment herself) so I had to leave, I told the receptionist why and a few weeks later I received a bill for not showing up for my X-ray. Now don't you think some heads were spinning when I got on the phone and the charge was dismissed. I told the CEO of the clinic that I was billing them for a babysitter and my mileage, that I didn't need because after almost 2 hours of waiting I never did get my X-ray.

    Sorry for your wasted day and having to redo the tests.

  3. I had a "melt down" the last time I went to the docs. I told him off up one side and down the other. Told him he didn't give a ... about me, just the money. My blood pressure went way up, but he was kind enough to let me sit and cool off, then took it again. I very seldom ever go to a doctor, but needed a check up before I had my cataract surgery.

  4. LOL...I am thinking of the 2ed day after taking barium..you poor thing.....

  5. What a load of horsehit, I hate doctors and every damn one of them has their very own personal Nurse Ratchet.

    I feel for ya honey, I went through twelve god damn doctors when I was 25, to find out what was wrong with my back. It's a racket, I'm telling ya. After twelve, the surgeon looked at a god damn Xray and said under his breath, I quote, because I heard it, "What is wrong with these guys"?

    He told me to stand up and turn around, grabbed me around the waist with one arm and jabbed his thumb in my lower back and asked me if that is where it hurt. After damn near pissing all over myself and collapsing, I said, Bingo. This is after MRI, s having dye injected into my spinal fluid, having so ultra sound, chiroprater visits for a year and a half,driving all over the damn place and trying to work at the same time. Frustrating needs about bfifteen more letters in it to actually express the emotions.
    They finally did a five hour operation, took out two discs, surgically removed a two inch chunk of the bone in my pelvis, broke it into little chunks and then stacked those around my lower spine. It was supposed to take two years to fuse together, I damn near starved to death in the mean time and it has never been right since then.

    Sorry to go into all of this but just goes to show that you have my utmost sympathy for all the bullshit you are enduring.

    If I meet another Nurse Ratchet, she is going to rue the day she was born.

    You are in my prayers, along with Treesong, My girlfriend, who is going through some very troubling times and anyone else who has to put up with incompetent medical "professionals".



  6. SciFiChick,

    Be prepared for the eventual egress of the Berry Barium Elixer... Take your time and take it easy.


    Best Regards and Happiest of Holidays!
    Albert “[i]Afghanus[/i]” Rasch
    [url=http://inastan.blogspot.com/2009/10/its-been-long-road.html]Albert A Rasch In Afghanistan[/url]

  7. SFC, sorry to hear about your troubles, but glad you stuck it out and gave that doctor an earful! Guess he never heard the Hippocratic Oath, "First, do no harm..." ~ Cin

  8. I felt pretty entertained until the word I.V. and bruises. Then your nightmare became my nightmare. lol Man, I hate those things.