Monday, September 20, 2010

No More?

There are all sorts of things in the news lately that we should all be worried about.  Our rights and freedoms are gradually being stripped from us while we just sit around and let them take each of them without any fuss whatsoever.  Sometimes I wonder just what it will take for the people of these once great States of America to stand up and say NO MORE.
  Or will we just sit back and wait for someone else to do it?  This article hit me as a good summation of what I see happening around us.  Our nation appears to be embracing socialism at every turn without  to realizing what is even happening.

Oh, have you heard that over in the UK they are proposing that everyone's checks first go to the government so they can get what taxes "they" think are fair?  How long before our own government decides that they will do the same? I can imagine it happening  since  "they" have us so far in debt already. It won't be long before they come for our pensions and retirement plans to try and make up for some of the money the bankers have squandered with NO repercussions. Will we stand up then? Somehow I doubt it.

There are truly bad things going on around us every day.  Things that don't make the Main Stream Media.  Things that should make a good person downright angry.

I don't usually write post like this one.  Sometimes though things just tick me off. There is so much more I could and should say about the horrors going on around us daily.  I will refrain as best I can though I will not promise to rant on occasion.

                                         ~~Hey... I'm Just Sayin...~~


  1. Agreed and when talking to my Dh just last night I told him I didn't think that the sheople would ever ger their gullets full, it's like the lobster in the pan of cold water, being heated ever so slow, until it reaches the boil and then obviously it's to late.*sigh*

    I also have tired of people looking at me or talking down to me like I'm a radical nutjob or something, all because I choose to think for myself, instead of letting mainstream media do it for me

    PS. I had one of those jukeboxes on our blog, but after it began annoying me and I had followers complain I removed it*wink*

  2. The UK seems to be the test bed for what's coming here next...