Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday in June

We went to the local Chicken Swap again this weekend.  This time we managed to get there alot earlier than we did the last time.  It was great.  They had all kinds of chickens and chicks,  goats of all kinds and kids too.  They are sooo cute.  I can't wait to get goats even though I don't know much at all about them.  I've been talking with folks and doing a bunch of reading  though.  More on goats in the coming days  I'm sure....   They also had.... Rabbits!   Yep,  There were three different people there who had all kinds of rabbits. I ended up bringing a pair home.   They are a mixed breed medium size rabbit. The boy is 10 weeks old and the girl is 12 weeks. 
  Now I need to pull back out my trusty Storey Rabbit book and brush up on "things".  I'm really excited.  This is the first step in raising some of our own meats and I am pretty excited about that!  Its all part of the grand plan around here.  I still need another doe but that will come too. Some of you guys might remember the last time I was dealing with rabbits it didn't quite turn out the way I would have wanted. But hey, they weren't MY rabbits.  If they had been I would have been feeding them correctly.  Anyway.....
We are going back to the next Chicken Swap and look around.  they have one every 1st and 3rd Saturday.  Maybe find another rabbit, heck maybe even find a goat.  The chicken coop hasn't been built yet but it is in the plans as well.  I'm hoping we have some chickens running around before to much longer.  Now there is something else I've never done before! 

I swear I cannot keep up with anything these days.  My camera and I are playing hide and seek again.  I had some pictures and things to share with but once again I have laid down the camera somewhere.  Now mind you when I find it, it will be some place it couldn't have gotten "hurt".  And I do have a camera case for it but....where I sat it down is anyone's guess.  I'm pretty sure the truck "ate" it again though.  Things get lost all the time in that dang truck.

Some of the questions left in comments lately have me realizing that there are lots of newer readers here.  I'm really happy to have you all along for the ride.  Some of you have asked about my disabilities. I don't really talk about it much, it makes me a bit uncomfortable for some reason. Anyway.... here goes. 
  The one which causes me the most actual pain is the scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine.  It has caused me to actually shrink over 4 inches in the past few years. Another problem I have is that the acute angle of the curve pushes on the nerves in my back, hip, feet and legs.  It's hard to stand, walk or sit for any length of time at all.  I am also loosing the feeling in my feet which sounds like it shouldn't hurt, right?    Everything has set up with arthritis including an ankle that I broke wayyy back before dinosaurs.   I am also in end stage liver disease, which by the way, so far doesn't really hurt.  I just get tired pretty easily and have most symptoms of the disease. There's more but I won't inflict all that on you all right now. Heck you have already heard more than you wanted to I'm sure!  Sorry about that.   I've written a little about it once before.  I just figure folks don't really want to hear all about it and so I don't usually talk about it.  There are so many other things in this life to talk about! 
  We live in some amazing times. History is being written as we speak. Our grandchildren will look back and talk about these times.  Ever wondered what they will say about you? 
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  1. The Storey rabbit book is great! It's the one we have. I think with all we got going on, we are waiting till next spring to start the rabbits. You are doing so much! It's wonderful to see.

  2. I must say, despite all your ailments you sure do get a lot done and have a great outlook on life. You are a real “trouper”. My hat is off to you

  3. Getting started with the critters is one more big step in being self supporting!

    Besides, it can be a lot of fun!

  4. If you hadn't said anything I would have never know - you are such a go get'em kind of gal. Amazing actually.

    Thank you for sharing.

    And nice job on the rabbits! With a girl and a boy you may not need to buy anymore. ;)

  5. Getting disability can be really rough and they can be ridiculous about it. (My sister is stage 4 pancreatic cancer with only a few months left and they denied her!)

    Just use caution when getting animals from swaps. Transmittion of illnesses are much much higher in that setting, and the incubation time means you may not know they are sick until later. Paying more for healthy stock from a reputable source is much cheaper than vet bills. With goats you can have YOUR vet check, as well ask what the seller's herd has been tested for.

    While many vets will handle furry creatures.. many won't deal with chickens... or if they do, you'll pay out the nose for it.

  6. I don't know about where your from but around here we all shy away from the chicken swap meets. If I was to go, then before I bought anything I would ask to see if the birds have been tested. The last thing you need
    is to bring something on your place you can't get rid of.
    Second, I would wear a pair of shoes you never intend on wearing on your own
    grass or even bring back home as far as that goes. I have heard about the state destroying whole flocks because of some bad stuff and most of the sicknesses were picked up from other places and brought back home. You can do a foot wash with bleach if you want to chance it. Even when I go to regular swap meets and I see any kind of animal on the grounds, I always wash my shoes before I get in the truck to leave. Better safe than sorry.

    We keep rabbits just for the poo. You can put it right on the gardens and feed the worms without composting it down. My corn is growing
    straight out of rabbit poo and it is over 6' tall.

    As far as goats, I’m not trying to be a know it all here but they are selling them at that place for a reason. I have never bought a goat from a sell that was worth the money I paid. They either have troubles kidding, milk production or are just bad mommas and walk off from their kids if they are not still born. I always buy mine from a person who raises them so I can see what environment they come from and I can ask the right questions. Plus,(here we go again) I don’t want to bring any thing on the place that might hurt the other animals.

    As far as your health, (this is just me saying) if you let people know the struggles you are facing and are still able to get it all done, you never know who you may inspire. I read a blog about a guy doing the same stuff we all do and is building his farm from a wheel chair. I
    tell you this, When my back hurts and I am tired and don't want to go anymore I think of that guy and I keep on going. You may be that person for someone else so don't be shy about it.
    We read these blogs to know the trials, struggles, successes and victories of the people doing what we are already doing. My wife has most of what you do and some mornings
    I have to help her out of bed to get dressed. Maybe you can be her inspiration.
    Like I said, it's not any of my business and I'm just saying this from a Rednecks point of view.
    Thank you for the post,
    Modern Day Redneck

  7. Reading again ... praying. - James (formerly RangerSquirrel)