Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden Thoughts

I was talking with my friend Mrs M
(Mushroom) a couple of nights ago.  If you recall, Mars had put in a garden while we were there.  I'm happy to say that it seems that everything is doing well.  We had planted turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kohlrabi, beets, carrots, radishes, and spinach. Anyway....   She is now harvesting a bunch of stuff.  Lots and lots of turnips (and greens) from what she's said.  So much, in fact that she is canning some of the turnips.  The cabbage and broccoli are doing great too and they are enjoying some downright tasty meals from the garden!  I think that most everything has done well except for the spinach.  It just didn't come up like it should have.  The germination rate was nearly 0%.  Oh well, that's the way things go sometimes.
Someone asked Mars how he felt about leaving the garden behind and his response was  "Hey, they have done so much for us that I just wanted to be able to do a little something for them."   Amen to that! 

I was talking with my mother the other day about not having a "real" garden this spring.  She reminded me that we DID have tomato's, peppers, cucumbers and herbs growing.  Well, what she was trying to tell me was that I should be happy to have all that stuff in the ground.  And she is so right.  I should be happy about what we DO have, not worried about what we don't.  Gotta love Mom's don't ya?  Always ready to bring you back to reality!   

As for tomato's we have several plants setting fruit!  If you were wondering what that picture up there was... Its a bad shot of a couple of tomato's!  I wasn't sure if they would actually set fruit or not since we were so late in getting them in the ground.  They have taken off like gangbusters for sure!  Mars didn't hand-pollinate them this year and I am happy to say that it didn't seem to matter.  Seems like we have a few bee's around to do the pollinating for us.  We should get quite a few tomato's if all goes well.  Although it is getting really hot during the day the night time temperatures are staying low enough for them to continue to make fruit.  Lots of people don't know that once the night temps get above 75 degrees tomato's won't set fruit.  As long as the plant is still healthy though I suggest that rather than pull it up you just let it "hang out" until fall when the temperatures cool back down.  They will start  producing again. 

I was talking with Mars the other day about fall tomato's.  Actually, I was wondering out loud if I should be starting some seeds.  He looked at me like I had lost my mind and just started laughing.  Said "Do you really think you are going to need MORE tomato's this fall?"   I had to laugh.... if even 1/3 of the ones we have planted do well I don't think we are going to be short on tomato's this year!  LOL

 I still haven't named the rabbits.  I want to thank you all for the great suggestions!  The only problem is that now I'm even more confused as to what we are gonna call them!  
      ~~~~~  Hey ... I'm Just Sayin' ... ~~~~~


  1. Awesome on the tomatoes - I am sooo jealous. :) And yes, you have a lot, I agree with you Momma too. :D

  2. Momma's alway know how to put things in perspective; they have had a lot more experience with life.

  3. There are tomatoes that will set fruit when the night temps are high (ours are high 70s now in SW Florida) and we use Solar Fire. They have been setting fruit very well. Our main problem is giving them enough water. We are in an almost severe drought situation now so we are very careful to water the plants daily.

    Check with your local Cooperative Extension Agency to find a tomato suited to your area.