Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pickle Rambling

So many folks are scared to try canning foods.  I think it is because of all the tales you hear about canners blowing up.  I am here to say that the odds of your canner blowing up are pretty small. Your chances of hitting the lottery are better.  Even if you are one of those folks, canning things like pickles, tomato's, jams and jellies isn't something you have to worry about.  They are done by a different process called waterbath canning, which is basically boiling the sealed jars in a big pot of water.  Tomorrow I'll show you how easy it is to make Bread and Butter Pickles even if you have never canned anything before!  And I promise, they won't blow up!

We don't eat many dill pickles around here.  I mainly use them while making tuna salad and things like that. I've never made dill pickles.  For some reason I'm nervous about it.  Have you ever seen the old Mayberry RFD show about Miss Bea and her dill pickles?  That show scarred me.  It got me worried about making good dill pickles.  I'm going to have to get over that this year though. With as many cucumbers as we getting from 6 plants (Hey, I didn't think they would ALL come up)  I'm going to have to learn this year.  So here's where I am hoping some of you can help me out.  

I need to find a really good crispy dill pickle recipe.  I'd like to try one that you have had good luck with rather than to just try one off the internet and hope for the best.  So it would be wonderful if you could share your "tried and true" recipes here.  I'd be willing to trade you  my yummy Bread and Butter pickle recipe for it! 
Awww.... who am I kidding.... I've already said I'll share it with you,  but I was hoping it just might motivate you to share.  You show me yours and I'll show you mine!   ^_^

  I absolutely love bread and butter pickles. I've been known to sit down with a jar and a fork and polish off a half a jar few all by myself.   I put up several jars two years ago and wouldn't you know it they are now all gone. I've been craving them lately.  So yesterday I made a batch of them using the pile of cucumbers that just keeps growing in the fridge.  NO, they aren't growing IN the fridge but you know what I mean!  How do I know they came out good?  Uhmmm..... I had one jar that didn't seal so I stuck it in the fridge.  Once they got good and cold I just HAD to try them. They are supposed to sit for a couple of weeks to "cure" but there is still a half a jar are still some left for when they get ready to eat!

Anyway.... I actually started this post thinking I would share with you just how simple it is to make pickles. Who knew I has so much to say about them!
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  1. did someone say "bread and butter pickles"???

  2. Need to brine the pickles to keep the crunch. Just a lil heads up on that as my Mom makes a sour garlic dill pickle. I spent days scrubbing cucumbers every summer.. the price you pay when you don't get out of the house fast enough! (She would buy 3 new plastic garbage cans.. and they would be filled with the brine and stuffed to the rim. lol I never stuck around past the scrubbing part (I thought if this was how the process begins... no way I was going to stick around for what comes next!!)

  3. This is the dill pickle recipe we used last year
    AMAZING!! We added extra garlic to some, red pepper flakes to others and even some chili powder to one recipe. We soaked the two bushels of cucumbers overnight in cold water and I think added a little bit of alum so that we knew they would have a snap to them..So yummy. We canned almost 15 gallons of pickles last year, with this recipe a recipe for mustard pickles and a refrigerator pickle recipe....and between all of us we are ready for more.

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  5. LOL Kelle, I know, Right?

    Anne, I can't imagine 3 garbage cans full of cucumbers. I might have took off quick too!

    Colenic, 15 gallons of pickles in a year? Now you guys are some pickle lovers for sure! I knew about brining the pickles but have never used alum. I might have to pick some up now though. Thank you for the link and the review.

  6. I sure do rember the "pickle" show when Aunt Bea's pickles turned out so bad that the guys replaced them with store bought and then she entered a constest. LOL LOL Why don't they have good, wholesome, and funny shows anymore?

  7. I sure like B&B well as sweet and dill and just about any other kind you can have!

    Wonder why I don't get more of them?

  8. Dizzy, I sure know what you mean...they just don't make shows like they used to!

    HermitJim, Good question! Why DON'T you get more of them?