Saturday, June 11, 2011

Name that Rabbit

Sorry for the recent lack of posts around here.  This time there is an actual technical reason for it.  
I've been offline for a few days.  It seems that the wi-fi "box" is bad.  Again.  I'm beginning to think that using a wireless connection wasn't a good way to go.  This will be the third time it has been replaced in the last two months.  We are using VirginMobile's connection.  It is supposed to be unlimited service and can handle up to five devices connected to it for fifty bucks a month.  Which sounds great, right?
 Yeah, not so much.... the connection is slow and  if you want to watch any kind of video it takes forever to download. Of course, if you lose the connection during the downloading you have to start all over again.  And trying to watch "streaming" video is almost painful.  I really didn't expect it to be lightning fast but I sure didn't expect it to hurt as much as dial-up! But hey, their customer service is outstanding!  They sent another "box" and we got it in a couple of days.  Sometimes being without internet can be a good thing, but that's a whole 'nother story.   Of course the only other option available out here is satellite but I'm really not ready to give up the extra money now.  Anyway... I'm back online again, I guess we will see how things work out.
 We've been keeping busy around here.  The weather has been hot and dry which is what we needed to be able to move the RV to its final resting spot!  Now that the trailer has been moved it's starting to feel like "home" around here.  We were able to move it without a hitch this time.  I can't put my finger on just what the difference is but it just feels like the right place for it. Things are beginning to feel more and more like home around here.
There is still much to be done as far as getting all the utilities in their final spot but Mars is making lots of progress.  He's been digging a trench to bury the septic line the past couple of days and almost has it ready to lay the pipe.  He's been doing the digging in the early mornings before it just gets to danged hot to be out there. Once that is done the same thing will need to be done for the water and electric lines.  He sure has his work cut out for him.
 I'm still so happy about finally having rabbits.  I've wanted to raise them for a long time and now I finally can. They are officially our first attempt at securing an alternate  meat source. That, for me, is a really big deal.  We have wanted to try for more self reliance and this is a great start.   We still have to build a chicken coop so we can start raising chickens.  Hopefully it won't be much longer on that.  We have most everything we need except for the chicken wire.  I'm hoping to run into some sort of a good deal on that.  Money is super tight but we will figure something out! 
  I just love the rabbits!  The buck is really a friendly little guy and will nuzzle my hand to get me to pet him. He's a lover....well.. lets hope he is anyway or he'll end up being Sunday dinner!   The  doe... not so much on the friendly.  She's still a bit standoffish but I'm working on her.   The snacks and ice bottles seem to be helping.  LOL.    I want her to be comfortable with me so that when she has babies she might more ok with me being around them.  Of course it really isn't going to matter much.   As long as she does her job anyway.   It's been so hot that  I've got some  2 liter bottles that I've frozen just for them.   I put them in their cages in the afternoon.  They love it!  They will lay on top of or next to the bottles to cool off some. 
I still haven't named the rabbits and for some reason I haven't been inspired with any good ones.  So for now I've just been calling them whatever pops into my head when I'm out with them.  What?  You don't talk to your animals?  LOL  Hey, if you have any suggestions for names just leave me a message in the comments.  I could use your help.
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  1. I have a rule about not naming my potential dinners. :) But if I had to venture a guess, how about "Mama" and "Poppi" since they are going to be the parents to your future meat source.

    Then again, I am so darn original I have a dog named "Spot". [That is not a joke.] heehee

  2. I am all *named out* here! After the chickens and the goats, just out of ideas! Of course, you might not want my name suggestions as I named my last two chickens *Carmen* and *Miranda*, lol!
    Oh second about Fred and Ginger for the rabbits? (Yes, I'm big on Hollywood monikers, lol!)

  3. Is the picture of your buck, Sci? Buck or doe, how old is that spotted bunny? If it's a mixed breed, I would be betting there is some Checker Giant in the mix. How about Checkers for a name for that one?

    I know what you mean about feeling like home. Yeoldfurt and I lived in four different places before we moved here. The first three were rentals so we knew they were not long term or permanent. But we owned the fourth place and lived there six years. It was home but it was never HOME like this place has been. We ARE where we are supposed to be. God is good!

    Have a wunnerful weekend!

    : )

  4. Name 'em dinner number one and dinner number two. Love the blog.

  5. Since they are potential meals, how 'bout Bill and Hillary?

  6. For some reason the first name that popped was "Flicker"

  7. OK, I am warning you, I pick weird names for my animals but how about

    Faith or Hope for the doe
    & Promise or Token for the buck

    Just a few for you to kick around.
    (The names, not the bunnies) ;) j/k

    Love & Hugs

  8. Zorro and Isabel...coz of that mask. lol!

    Glad to see you the Wabbits!

  9. Devildog said...

    Why name your meals? It will only be harder later on when one has to be replaced and butchered. Just my .02.
    Remember, too, rabbbits have little fat content and can't be relied on as the only protein source.

  10. This one looks like my old bunny Milkshake, aka Mochy (Mokey).

    As for your chicken coop, make sure you get hardware cloth as opposed to chicken wire. It will keep out the predators like snakes and rodents.


  11. You guys ROCK! Some of these names still have me giggling.... Thanks for all the input.... As usual, I'm still undecided!