Saturday, January 11, 2014

Still Kicking

I suppose it's obvious to most that I've been taking a blogging break.  As a matter of fact I've pretty much been taking an internet break too.  I've really not been doing much offline either as the weather pretty much sucks.  I'd downloaded Matt Braken's (sp?)  Enemies Foreign and Domestic series a couple of months ago and have been truly enjoying the books. I'm glad I'd downloaded them before all this mess that is my IP connection started making me wanna smack my head against a wall.  I'm currently half way through the second book.  I know it might seem silly but I've kind of been "savoring" the books because I really don't want to get to "The End".  I can't imagine a "tidy" ending.  There is no utopia at the end of these books.  Not that I can tell anyway.   I can see how many of the things I'm reading could so easily be the way things could  end up.  OK... sorry for the book report! :D

When we made the land payment this month I actually had a smile on my face.  Trust me when I say I don't smile while doing the bills for the most part.  This month was different though.  This was where I got to look at Mars and tell him that we only have ONE more payment before this place is really ours!  Of course there's a balloon payment but it's not too terrible.  We can pull it off.  I've been trying to build up the groceries enough that we can actually go until March before having to hit the grocery store for anything more than the basics. I'll use the money to toss to the last payment.  I know we can do it hands down but I've really been trying to focus on not even noticing that we went two months without a grocery shopping trip. Our preps are not what they used to be, but even so we'll do just fine.  Shoot, if nothing else we have the trusty beans and rice in buckets.  Good thing I like beans and rice is what I've been telling Mars.  lol  

So if you were wondering what's been going on around here I can truly say... Not Much. It's been cold, snowy and icy in no order at all and the wind rips around a lot of the time.  I'm really really ready for spring to show up.  The sooner the better!


  1. Wow! Gonna have the place paid off! I say YAY!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats on that last payment! :)

  3. Yes, congrats on only having one more payment.

  4. That's great news. Having your property paid off is the biggest step towards telling the PTB you are a free human. Now if they would just be a bit more reasonable with the property taxes.

    The first and third books of Bracken's are the best the second was good but not like the other two.

  5. Hooray!! It's almost paid off. That is awesome, Sci. :)

    Love & Hugs to you both

  6. It's so great that your mortgage is almost paid off! I'll probably hear you yell whoopie all the up here in Canada.

  7. Hooray for you. One more step toward independence.

  8. Wahoo! It is always nice when you can say ITS MINE ALL MINE!!!

  9. SFG it's pretty amazing isn't it? LOL Rember when we toyed with the idea of being neighbors? And now here we are just a month away from "Officially Owning this little place!

    Thanks SO much Carolyn!!!

    DD thanks. It's a pretty neat feeling so far.

    PP Even if I've got to pay "the man" Everything else is MINE!! I'm just now about half way through the second Bracken book. I'm enjoying it but it's not the "I can't put it down" one like the first one was. Still good though!

    Fel - Remember when this was just some distant dream that "One day" we wanted? LOL I'm sure glad now we didn't find property over in Arkansas. The way everything has worked out is SO muich better. Thanks for stopping by buddy!

    LOL Sue!! You just might at that! If you hear a distant WOOOOO HOOOOOO next month.... that'll be me. :-)

    THanks so much Tewshooz. One step at a time is about all I can take! hehehe

    M.E. I can barely contain myself I want to be be able to say just that!

  10. dont forget first chance after that last final payment to take out some of those beans, and maybe buy some weiners and marshmallows for the "mortgage burning"... living in close quarters during really bad weather can give a person "cabin fever"...especially if they dont go out for groceries and other things while trying to save money for that final payment...what besides reading a book series are you doing to keep sane during this time?

  11. Congrats on your home ownership!! Another 15 years for us....With job loss, the bank wouldn't let us refi when rates were lower :( I love your signs on the sides of your blog. Esp. the one that speaks of not paying attention! Keep up the great blog!

  12. SCI,

    Beans and rice seem to be everyone's favorite :-)
    We just have beans and rice for dinner, probably will have it again for lunch.
    I'm so happy for you and Mars, one more payment to go and time to burn the note!!!!!
    Sending hugs to you both.

  13. Woohoo! Congrats on the last payment. I can remember when we got to that point and I just couldn't wait to write that last check. IMO, there's nothing like standing on a piece of land and knowing it's all yours.

  14. beans and rice! green chilies and some cornbread! that's what I call surviving the apocalypse! take care. the rat

  15. Anony 623 I can usually find something to fritter away time in the winter. Lot's of looking at seed catalogs, planning for the spring garden, crochet and knitting are some of the things I've got my fingers into.

    Anony 1135 Thanks! Welcome, I'm happy you found the place. There's cookies in the jar and coffee on the stove. Pull up a seat and stay awhile.

    Sandy, It always kind of surprises me when folks don't actually like beans. Btw, I used some of the Hatch Chili powder in them this time~ Yummy!! Hugs to you and yours,

    CrankyPuppy, funny you should say that! We were talking about that very thing this morning. I can hardly wait to make that last payment!!

    M Rat lol it's surviving in style! Have you ever tried green chili cornbread? It's really really good.