Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Week in the Books

It's been a long and busy start to September.  Time is spent trying to process and put up all the goodies from the garden.  The heat's still with us and I can hardly wait until it cools down some. 

I never mentioned the onions we grew this past year.  We got a good crop and I have them stored in the barn.  Not a good idea in the long run as now they are starting to go bad.  It's my own fault because what I SHOULD have done was store them in old panty hose. I don't wear them so instead of just picking some up anyway what I did was to braid them and hang them.  Since I don't want to loose them I've started drying them.  We use a lot of dried onions so it's really not a huge problem but I've learned a good lesson.  Chalk it up to the learning curve and add it to my big list.

Last week I had a doctors appointment for a procedure on my back.  More to come on that.  I might have found a doctor that can give me some relief.  He's got a plan of action and I feel pretty good about the whole thing.  Only time will tell.

The only reason that I even bring up the doctors appointment is because of the garden.  Knowing I'd probably be out of commission for a couple of days I picked all I could of the beans, peas, peppers, squash (Yep, I've actually got some squash coming ) melons and tomatoes.  On Friday after I was up and moving again and the tomatoes had gone nuts again.  I harvested two 5 gallon buckets full.  Now what in the world was I going to do with all these dang tomatoes? Saturday morning I decided I was going to try to go sit out by the road heading into town.   I spent about 4 hours out there and sold all but a few.  $60 was made.   I was amazed!  Why have I not been doing this all season? 

Oh, speaking of tomatoes.... I talked with the Rabbit Lady and we struck a deal!  She will take back my "defective" rabbit and trade me for another.  I'll also pick up two new does for two buckets of homegrown tomatoes.  She raises her rabbits in a controlled environment. The barn is cooled and well insulated.  Since the weather is still so hot I'm going to wait to pick up the 3 new does once the daytime temps are a bit cooler.  No sense in stressing them out by sticking them out under the tree here just yet.

Things are getting very interesting both here in America and around the world The next few weeks should be quite interesting. I've been keeping my ear to the ground (so to speak) about all the news around the world.  While all this drama over Syria is keeping many folks nervous about a world war there are other big things going on as well.  Ol' Bernanke is getting ready to step down and we'll have a new Fed Chairman soon.  Obamacare starts to kick in come October and we need a new budget.  Congress has about 9 days to get all that taken care of.  I'm not seeing it happen.  You might want to check your preps and fill as many "holes" as you can.  Keep an eye on things folks.  We are living in interesting times.


  1. I'm relieved for the rabbits that you thought to wait until cooler weather. The shock would be horrible. And to make sure they're Doe's, just place them near a dust mop. lol

  2. LOL!!!I haven't had the funny problem yet. Yeah yeah I know folks call me horrible names ( Rabbit Killer comes to mind). I thought the lessons from last year will somehow make me a "real" rabbit killer. While I'm sitting out here trying to figure out rabbit husbandry I just keep feeding the dang critters. I'm hoping to get some "older" rabbits that wanna make babies... Good Lord how hard is that?

  3. SCI,

    I love the idea of placing the onions in panty hose to dry. Braiding them will do the same thing, only it makes the onion stems look better visually.

    Great deal bartering with the rabbit lady on getting new rabbits when it cools down for some bucket of tomatoes. Selling your tomatoes from the road side is a great idea, and you made money doing it.

    I hope everything works out okay at the doctors with this procedure and you get the relief needed. It's so uncomfortable to have pain and not be able to relieve it. If you need anything call me, Bulldog Man and I can drive up and help. I'm saying a prayer for you for pain relief. Give Mars a hug and stay cool.

    p.s......I'm trying to fill the holes in the pantry just in case the S #^T hits the fan.