Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On the Eve of the 4th of July

 With the recent and even the not so recent scandals rocking this country I find myself saddened on the eve of the 4th of July.  Although it may still seem to some we still have "freedom and justice for all" we are moving down a hellish path.  Our individual liberties are being taken, one by one, under the guise of security.  And at what cost? Do you feel safer now? 

I've been called all sorts of names for my views  over the years.  I was a conspiracy theorist for believing that our government was spying on us.  Now it seems my views are not so much conspiracy theory as they are conspiracy facts.  We ARE being watched, tracked, and targeted by agencies for our beliefs.  We are being manipulated and our hands tied through fear and ignorance on our part. 

The recent discovery that the NSA and other alphabet agencies are watching most everything we do should cause alarm in us all.  The problem I see is that many folks these days have the attention span of a gnat. It seems we have forgotten all about things like the killing of our ambassador to Libya.  The horror of  what happened in Benghazi haunts me.  It has haunted me since the day it happened.  I knew within a week of the 9/11 attack that something was terribly wrong with the story being told by the White House.  How could top officials just sit back and allow this attack to happen while watching in real time?  I think I know.  As a matter of fact I think I know a lot more than most of the folks who depend on  TV for their news.  It's a horrible story and I really thought that we would finally see just how corrupt our government has become.  But then a new story came along and folks just seemed to forget that WE killed those men.  Not some mob gone crazy. Not some stupid YouTube video. 

The press seemed, just for a moment, outraged when they found that they had been wiretapped for months without their knowledge.  They were shocked then and yet there is little coverage of that now.  I'm sure it's because of the fear of reprisals by the government. What has become of us that we are now afraid of government reprisals.

Then we have the IRS scandal.  That one kind of came up out of the blue.  When the IRS actually apologizes for something it's done there HAS to be more to the story.  If they are targeting Tea Party, We the People, Patriot folks, and veterans then it's obvious to me that others are bound to be targets of the IRS as well.

You were shocked for all of a few days.  And then the news breaks that the NSA is watching everything we do. Our emails, our phone calls, what we say and do on the internet, all are being monitored.  As a matter of fact they are collecting so much information on everything about us that they have built a huge complex up in Utah to be able to store it all.  And for what?  Your safety?  When the government is afraid of it's people there is liberty.  When the people are afraid of the government there is tyranny.  Anyone ever heard that before?  We are being dictated by a tyrannical government and apparently there aren't that many who even give a flying rats @#*.

  By 2015 there will be drones flying across the entire United States.  Do you really think that they won't be used against us?  And don't give me that "I don't care because I have nothing to hide" crap.  That is the comment of the uneducated and uninformed and it just makes you look stupid.  Everyone has something that they would rather not have others know about them. 

I have never been very quiet about my opinions and what I see to be facts.  I've known for years that "they" are watching what we say and do.  Do you have a blog?  Do you post on Face Book, Twitter, or another social media site?  Do you use Google? Do you have a Yahoo account? Do you have a cell phone? These and many more are all being watched and recorded.  I was saying this when I first started this blog and I'm still saying it. They ARE watching you.

 The recent unveiling of the NSA's spying on US citizens has made some terrified to speak out anymore. I've got news for you.  They have been watching for years.  And they are gathering your information for the possibility  that in the future you might do something.  Did you see the movie "Minority Report"?  Basically, it was about thought crimes/future crimes.  Even thinking something would bring the government down on you.  Guess what, that is just about here now. 

I recently got a message from someone on Face Book that was pretty telling of just how scared some people are about being a target.  The message was a bit long but the main thing I took from it was how fearful we are becoming.  This person told me he likes the things that I post to Face Book but is afraid to click on most of the links.  Why?  Because he is afraid that someday someone will look at what he has done in the future  and where he has been on his computer.  He is fearful about future reprisals. I think that is pretty telling of what our nation is becoming. 

I have a newsflash for you. You ARE being watched.  Not only that you have been being spied on for years.  And as for me? Oh yeah, you can bet I'm on a list, probably several.  The Department of Defense has been visiting this blog for quite some time now.  Why?  Because I tend to speak out that's why.  If they are monitoring this little blog I can pretty much guarantee they will someday try to use my very words and thoughts against me at some point.  Not much I could do about it either. Even if today I decided to never speak out again, I can't undo what has been said in the past.  Neither can you.   My dad used to say "Your damned if you do and damned if you don't".  That pretty much sums it up.  So I figure I'll just keep doing what I do. Think about it.  Once you have seen what has happened to our freedom you can't just UNsee it. It isn't possible.

 It's a sad day that on the eve of the 4th of July I find myself thinking of the loss of  our freedoms rather than feeling the need to celebrate the birth of this nation.   Some may think that we are still a free nation.  I am not among them.


  1. The DOD came from your blog over to mine. The things they were reading on mine, meant it was a personal inquiry and not work related. I actually have several, from the Sargent in Arms, border patrol, the USDA, and have a few fans in the HLS. However, there are a few that come through sporadically for work. There will be times that I have multiple HLS offices hitting. I usually say Hi.

    If they want to take me for what I write or what I read or click over on, than they would have awhile back. I'm not scared or intimidated by it. I have always said what I want, and their searches on my blog will not shut me up. Guess we will just be martyrs Sci. :)

  2. Sci - i really want to say something cute or funny...but there isn't anything to say except that yes - we are all being monitored whether we know it or not. but the only way to fix this is for enough of us to speak out - say what we mean and take back our freedoms. we can do this. especially America, the land of the free, can do this. we just all have to "go galt" in whatever ways that we can!

    you go and celebrate the 4th of July gurl! it is so important to remember and celebrate. make certain to do something illegal like read a blog about independence! or sign a petition! they can't win until we let them win...and there is way too many of us that won't let them.

    your canadian friend, from "the true north, strong and free" (canadian national anthem). they are trying all kinds of crazy stuff up here too...but we got more rednecks up here than even Texas. if we all ban together - they'll just be p*ssing in the wind!


  3. I have been thinking this week about our upcoming Independence Day and wondering how I can celebrate an independence that no longer exists. The country that I now live in bears no resemblance to the one I was born into 67 years ago. That blessed feeling of freedom that I enjoyed over the years has turned into fear and rage at being stripped of my God-given rights. I have to wonder just what it will take for Americans to be able to celebrate true Independence again. Keep speaking out. We need more to do just that before it is too late.

  4. I also have the D.O.D, D.O.J(Dept of Justice) and U.S.D.A watching my blog...I am seriously considering shutting it down as well as shutting off the internet, shutting down the cell phones, and whatever I can think of...LOL...extreme? Maybe...but you are dead on with everything you say...Now, I am off to some 4th of July festivities while we still have the little freedom..LOL

  5. Actually there are other voices speaking the same words and I take comfort in that. Better some than none. Most will not face what is the truth because....well....then it would be hard to feel real comfortable. At least that is how my voice has been received by many. Not unexpected. Perhaps the dumbing down of America was more thorough than I perceived.

    Take care Missy and grow a great garden.

  6. Let them listen in. If they are smart they will learn something and change their ways. If not, well. . . I guess all those rumors about huge concentration camps being built may be true. If we are all shopped off ther we can conspire in whispers (grin). Great blog, keep up the good work.

  7. I've believed for some time that we have moved well PAST the point of no return, as a nation (and world). All we can do at this point is get as many people as possible connected with Jesus. Ultimately, HE offers the only freedom.

  8. We really need to be writing our Senators, Congressmen, and Representatives everyday telling them what the heck is wrong and what they need to do to fix these problems. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees!

  9. To D. Hausmann,

    Boy, I wish you luck with that one. For years I wrote letters and so did my spouse. We certainly were clear about the issues and direction that we felt would be for the good of our nation and our state. The responses we received from each was always the same. The individuals would restate their opposition to our position and then thank us for our support of them. We tossed in the towel with much disqust many years ago.

    1. I have to say I totally agree with you JMD. The pen is not mightier than the sword. It's just a way for us to "feel good" and that we can say we've done something. The only thing we've done was waste ink, paper & stamp. Those letters mean absolutely NOTHING to them. Even those with elected positions will give lip service to the majority who they will think will give them another election win. When it comes down to it, we need to act locally. Take the money away by paying less taxes (i.e. used items, smaller paycheck, bartering, etc.) and although it may seem extreme, I truly believe it is past time to start SHUNNING those who have employment with those alphabet agencies. We lowly people cannot make a Congresscritter do something, but we CAN make those who work for them feel like an outcast. Know someone who works for the IRS, ATF, DCFS? Let them know what pieces of dirt they are. Seriously. Harsh? Maybe. But we didn't win our independence by sailing across the ocean to have a talk with King George. We did it by making it a living hell for those who chose to do his dirty work. Can you say tar & feathering??

  10. I've had a love/hate relationship with celebrating Independence Day. I should be happy for what freedoms we have. I should be celebrating those who TRULY fight for freedom here (and I'm not necessarily talking about guys in uniform with guns, I mean down to earth people doing what they can to keep themselves and others free). But it is hard to not by cynical when those bastards, either in an elected position, bought position or just a paper pusher in a civil servant desk job, are celebrating the anniversary of our independence when they themselves are doing everything they can to crush our freedoms here & now. I want to vomit any time I hear our president or elected officials even mention the word "Constitution" or "Freedom" or "Patriots" because they have absolutely NO idea what any of them mean.

    (How's that for a good NSA terrorist data-mining word search?)

  11. I try to stay optimistic, but steeled, that the future doesn't lie in assuming anyone in govt. is actually concerned for the welfare of the country. We need to be thinkers, make better choices, and move ahead. I think the political system is broken. So I do my thing and observe. Observation is a wonderful tool. How did you come up with your visitor list? Great idea.

  12. My two brothers and I never see each other. But for years, we had a blog that we used to keep up to speed on our doings. Very innocuous postings, that didn't deal with politics or anything controversial. However, given the events of the last few months, one of my brothers decided not to use the internet at all anymore. Not because he had anything to conceal, but because he was deeply offended by the idea of the federal government spying on us. We discussed it and decided to shut the blog down. I miss it. We are not much on telephone talking or visiting, and it was our primary link. But who wants to talk, even "family talk" with some pasty faced, beady eyed government snoop perusing your conversation? Granted, the odds of some alphabet agency cretin bothering to read anything on that blog were slim to none, but the fact that the potential for it was there was just too offensive.