Monday, May 6, 2013

To Do While the Sun Shines

To Do List for Today 

Change linens 
Wash and hang out laundry (2 loads & bedding) 
Plant beans 
 Plant the rest of the tomato's
 Plant ALL the flower starts 
Make more potting soil 
Re-pot thyme
 Replant marjoram and lemon balm
 Clean out chicken coop 
Weed lower garden
 Plant marigolds along lower garden edges 
Plant wildflowers 
Sweep/mop/vacuum muddy floors 

Regular chores
Lunch and Dinner

 Do you see it yet? I can see it here. Yep that strange brightness flooding the entire sky. I think they used to call it sunshine? I hear it's not supposed to last long here before it disappears again. So today I'll be doing all those things that I've been putting off. Not to mention that it's already 6 days into May and I don't have my beans, black-eyed peas, and several other things in the ground yet. I'm not sure just how things are going to work out but I'm not waiting one single more day to put them out. How about you? Are you on schedule? Ahead? Behind?


  1. Sounds like you've both been super busy! I'm way behind..the soil has been ready but I've been trying to go with the lunar cycles...I think I'm going to pass and start planting!We've rain I the forecast for the next few days so I'm going to carch up on the inside so I can dive in when the weather clears again. Good luck with your list! Nothing better than sleeping on line dryed sheets

    1. You know I'm not exactly sure WHAT to do this year (timewise) in the garden. But like you, I'm just going to dive in every chance I get. Dang weather!

  2. I got my beans and corn out but nothing else. The rain won't stop long enough for the garden to dry out and we keep getting more frost warnings so my tomatoes and peppers are still in pots inside.

    1. We were lucky and hit a dry spell back around the first part of March and were able to get in onions, lettuce, spinach, chard and turnips. Good thing too, because we've not had a decent enough break since then to have done it.

      Hey your peppers and 'maters might be in pots still, but its better than having them lost to the weather. My neighbor put hers out too soon and is now having to start all over on hers.

  3. Lucky! Still somewhat cloudy here as we just got 5 and a half inches of rain with this system and now its is supposed to rain again here in a few days. Our local meteorologists are saying possible frost around Mother's day so no tomatoes out yet. :( All we have planted so far is onions and garlic. I know a lot of people around here haven't been able to get much in and it is almost too late for spring crops now. Hey Sci I wanted to tell you my blog is done for. I was getting too many weird and nasty sites checking out my blog and time with 4 kids just wouldn't cooperate, But I do plan on keep ing up with a few that I read! ;)

    1. Dang Girl, it sounds like you may never dry out! I was talking with a friend who lives around your area who said she's going to have to try thinking about planting like they do in the North this year. Short season crops.

      I sure do hate to hear about your blog. I've always enjoyed it. I know how much of a PITA they can be too though. I'll miss your homestead and hearth updates though. :-( You most certainly have your hands full though. Thanks for stoppin' by today.
      Oh and ... don't be a stranger ok?

    2. I love your blog along with MDRs and MM blogs. Whether I blog or not I will still keep reading. I think it is just a blog doubt thing, I have tried deleting it twice before and have come back so I don't know (now that I told myself I am done I miss it ..ugh). Some sites checking out my blog that I checked into opened up with porn pages, so maybe spam or a virus? It just left me a little uncomfortable with me having a blog where I post family pictures. Who knows, I might cave again... :)

  4. Sci,

    Sunshine.....sun.....sun....sun, let it come!!!!!

    Woooohoooooo, I'm happy today was the first really beautiful day to be outside planting. I've planted all kinds of stuff today tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, carrots, leeks, parsnips, Swiss chard, spinach, kale, fennel and beets.

    More things to plant the next several days.

    1. WOW! Look at Sandy GO! lol what a wonderful start you got on things. I'm wondering if there is still time to plant broccoli seed. I'm guessing not. But then again in another month or so it will be time to start them for the fall. Hmmm... now you got me thinking!
      I've never grown or eaten parsnips. I've always wanted to try though. Maybe next year. Keep up the good work there Sandy. It looks like we've got a couple more days of fairly fair weather in our forecast.

  5. For the first time in days that bright yellow disc appeared in the sky. I hope to take advantage of it. Yay sun!

    1. Isn't it wonderful to finally see it! I hear you guys got a ton of rain up there. I hope ya'll all fared well. OH...BTW... That KOMBI shovel?? The more I use it the more in love with it I am. (Maybe I should write something about that awesome tool.) Thanks again and I hope you get to soak up sunshine all day long!