Sunday, March 24, 2013

Let's Try This Again

There are times in a persons life that require they sit back and reflect on their actions and the actions of others.  I pulled yesterdays post because I needed to think a bit more about my whole reaction.  I'll admit I was furious when I first found my "piece" had been lifted and no "nod" to the original author was given.  I don't CARE if you use my material as long as it is credited back here to me.  How hard is that?

 I didn't realize that there were so many of you who have had the same type thing happen to you.  Having your content stolen and taken and used as if it were the thief's own property is hard to swallow.  I've always felt that the least a person could do is to credit the source when and where you can.  Someone wanted to brush that under the rug yesterday and used the excuse that "those folks at that website" are senior citizens and might not "understand" that.  I call foul on that one.  Trust me, you know when you are stealing someones work.  Stealing is stealing.  Black and white.  No greys. You took it or you didn't.

After some thought and some conversation, both here and other places, I decided to pull yesterdays post.  There were multiple reasons I suppose.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that plagerizim is right.  And as I have said in the past- it  takes a certain kind of horrible to steal another persons words.  I think the quick actions on the part of the editors of the website was admirable.  It doesn't change the fact that I abhor a thief. Always have, always will.  But there were other things in play as well.  Sometimes it takes me just shutting up, calming down and listening to my "inner voice" (Hey Michelle, that's my inner voice, not my inside voice... hehehe) 

To quote a good friend of mine MMPaints  "Sci, it happens to us all and the whole liar/poser thing seems to be pretty rampant in the whole prepper movement thing.  It went from a good idea to all about money and fake prestige.  Those of us that walk the walk always seem to get passed by for the ones with big stories and huge claims of success.  We know what's true and what isn't so that's all that matters. "
Nothing could be more true.  I know that there are folks out there who don't think twice about their actions or the consequences of them.  This huge swell of folks leaning towards becoming more self-sufficient was bound to bring out the bad as well as the good.

 As it has grown, the prepper movement has become more "mainstream" and more folks are getting into it. Some of these folks aren't in it for the prepping aspect, but because they saw how to make a quick dollar on the backs of those who have come before them and laid the foundation.  It seems we have now moved from the shadows into the sunlight.  Unfortunately the bottom feeders have found new territory to explore.  If you had told me that I'd be hearing ads on the radio for "storeable foods" five years ago I would have laughed in your face.  The world is changing and folks are getting nervous about what the future might hold.  I suppose it's the natural reaction of buzzards to circle around and pick off what they can.  For the wolves to stalk the sheep.

 In the past five or six years I've watched this movement grow. I've seen all kinds of things and met all kinds of people.   I watched it start as a smallish bunch of folks who's real motivation behind sharing their "prepping info" was to help others along the way. It was small enough for  online communities to form good relationships. I was lucky to have found some. Many of those folks held my hand and guided me through all sorts of learning experiences. I consider them my friends to this day.  Those are the type relationships to strive for. 

When I first started this online journey of learning to be more self-sufficient I really only wanted to journal what I was doing with the hope that maybe along the way, I could help others too.  That's it.  My only motive.  So what's changed?  My "motives" are still the same. What has changed is the shear number of people who are moving toward a more self-reliant lifestyle.  I suppose with the good comes the bad.

 I had real hope that somehow as a Prepper Community we would be a better model.  That we were somehow better than this. That we, as a community, should be held to a higher standard.  Truth is people are people and aren't always what they seem.  Some will lie, cheat and steal and never think twice about it.  It's the one's that hold true to their beliefs that I want to be around once SHTF. 


  1. Thanks for clarifying!

    It runs rampant in file sharing, .pdf sharing, stealing images for blog posts, etc. It astounds me how people abhor stealing on one hand (the gov't), but that they don't give it a second thought to steal from themselves.

    But you're right. As a microcosm, the prepping community is still made up of fallible humans, and we're going to find the same ratios of about every kind of human condition here as you would elsewhere at this point.

    Stand strong..and remember why you're doing it. Coming from one of the ones who has really benefited from reading your blog when I first started looking at this path, your openness really helped me! thanks to you and to the others willing to share!

  2. It's sad how those that cannot create feel they have the right to steal from others, and feel they have the right. Good for you. You've taken the high road.

  3. Sorry it's happened Sci, I see it all the time nearly verbatim in new blogs. I've had posts inspired from another &w I can't remember or find the original blog but always have a semi credit at least in hopes my inspiration will speak up. All we can do is keep on "doing". The dishonest will flush in the long run. Hugs to you !

  4. ANYTHING with potential for good, will eventually be used by someone for evil. That's just the way it is. Keep doing your good. Those who do evil will eventually reap their rewards, if not in this life, then in the next one.

  5. Bummer that it happened, but I will was a really good post! At least he is stealing quality!

  6. Just as in general society, so it is in the preppers world, there will be those we want to interact with and those we dont. I've watched great blogs move from natural and humble to ego worlds, human nature in some sadly.

    Good to see the shift in thought process Sci, keep on writing your great posts:)

  7. Just like all the people who feel it's right that others should pay their way for them.
    Have a blessed week. ♥

  8. know me, I never say too much. I pretty much just sit back read, observe and learn.

    I've been noticing a change/shift within some of the prepper pages I follow on facebook. I think if & when SHTF, it is not going to be pretty even amongst people that are supposed to share a common goal. I feel that the friends I made when I first started reading blogs and then started my own blog have held fast and true to their beliefs and for that I am grateful.

    I consider them family, Sci, you know are in that category. I love you like a sister, so it is in that frame of mind that I say, I am deeply sorry that your hard thought out words were taken without a second thought. I will also say, as much as it angers and hurts you, don't let that eat you up, it does no good. Just keep on doing what you do, your posts are awesome. Look on the bright side, someone thought your post was so brilliant that they knew they'd never top it, so they "borrowed" it. Remember, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    I love you, my friend

  9. +1 Felinae...
    Sci, I also thought "we" (preppers) were better than what it is now, but ya know, "we" are human...with human failings. Live and learn, but keep on sharing, keep on prepping. *hugs*

  10. I just LOVE you guys!!! Thanks for all the support! You make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy sometimes.

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