Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

2012 Pictures

Wood from downed cedar trees. Bonus! 
The chicken coop is finished Notice the cedar posts?

We found a washing machine and use the water for watering 
Our first baby chicks
Coco the Loco Kitty
Still Loco
Stewie, Dumplin' and friends. Dinner any?     

Bountiful garden

Lots of good eats
Cherokee Beans 

Habernero  Peppers

Hot Pepper Jelly
Pears from the neighbors made wonderful Pear Honey, preserves and slices

And canning....

and canning....

And canning! 
The drought was horrible on many folks this year.  We were "tinder box" dry.
Creek County Wildfire was stopped less than a mile from here
The Wreck
Thank you my friends!
And the sun sets on 2012. 
Here's to hoping you all have a wonderful New Year


  1. I love your year in pictures, Sci.

    Happy New Year to you and Mars, here's hoping 2013 brings you only positive things.

    Love you!

    1. Blessings for the New Year to you,Catman and B's.!!!

  2. What do you do with the Cherokee beans? Are they like black beans? Interesting. Really enjoy all the pictures and the cat is beautiful, I have two all black cats that would like to play.

    Best to you both!

    1. Hey JMD! The Cherokee beans are a really neat heirloom bean. It's got a real nice flavor, a bit milder (Is that right?) than a black bean. It has a nice texture too. They are a shelling bean rather than picked as a green bean. (I tried them like that too)
      Cats are fun aren't they?

  3. Your post makes me hungry!

    Where did you find the barrels that hold your grey wash water?

    So glad you were safe. Have a Blessed New Year. ♥

    1. We found the barrels off Craigslist. Actually we went to pick up a couple of metal ones and he just tossed this barrel in for free.
      I hope the New Year is your best yet!

  4. Love the picture of Coco the Loco - her eyes are impossibly blue. I've thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with you over the past year. I'm wishing you a 2013 full of abundance and happiness. Happy New Years!

    1. Thank you so much for following along this past year. Who knows what the next one will hold. I hope the coming year is kind to you and yours.

  5. Sci,

    Happy New Year My Friend To You And Mars :-)
    Beautiful harvest pictures and plenty of canning. Wait until
    next planting season.....woooohoooo!!!

    Stay warm my friend, sending hugs your way.
    Sandy, Oklahoma Transient

    1. Hey Sandy, Spring's just around the corner. Of course the corners only about70 days away!
      Happy New Year to you, Bulldog Man and the Tank!

  6. Happy New year and you guys have got so much done! Great photo's....

    1. Happy New Year my friend. Let's hope the new one is better than the last.

  7. Nice pics! You have a good New Year too!

    1. Hey, aren't you supposed to be working on some pics of your own?? LOL You promised....
      Happy New Year to you n the hubster

  8. Boy, what a ride this last year, huh?

    Love all the pictures of the place! Just imagine what fun you'll have canning this year!

    1. Whew Jim, what a ride the past year was is right! Here's to hoping for blessings to touch us all in the coming year.

  9. The canning looks great! One of my plans this year is to get better about canning. But freezing is so much easier ........Just looking at my stock pot makes images of my spilled and splattered kitchen from making tomato sauce fill my head!!!

  10. LOVE the photos, especially of all the canning goodies! And I'll bet that cedar will smell heavenly when you burn it!