Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Puttering Around

Funny how time just flies sometimes. Finding the time for blogging doesn't seem to be on the top of the list right now.  I have to admire those of you who can keep it up as regularly as you do.  It seems that the longer I'm out here on our little slice of heaven the less time I seem to have for it.  Then again, I know that I've got to take advantage of these beautiful days while I can, because winter's coming and there will be much time for blogging then.  Anyway.... I hope you will bear with me for awhile.  I'm still winging it around here and the learning curve is larger than originally thought. (Go figure, right?)

As is the way of things, we've found a couple of surprises out in the garden.  It looks like some of the pepper plants might have survived the early freeze.  Last week we got out there and cut away all the frozen parts of all the plants .Well just the squash and peppers but.... anyway.  Not all the pepper plants were even worth messing with but there are a few that just might make it with some proper care.  It's probably too late for the squash to do much but amazingly enough some of it is now flowering.  The yellow squash has actually produced a few nice ones.  I'll keep my fingers crossed but anything we get from them now is a bonus.

   I know it sounds funny to say this because of having that super early spring, but I think we just might push for all squash to go in for a late summer/early fall garden.  I've still not seen one single squash bug on these plants. I'm thinking it just might have something to do with the temperatures but I need to read up and find out.  Plenty of time to check it out this winter.

  We are slowly getting the empty parts of the garden "put to bed" for the season. This might take awhile! LOL!  We'll also be going down to the neighbors for some more of his "mature manure" in the next few weeks.  Lots more to do in the fall around here (even without much of a garden left) than I thought. I don't know why that surprises me. 

The new doe is settling in well and she was bred this past Sunday. I'll keep an eye on her and my fingers crossed.  I'm not positive she's pregnant but will know soon enough!  She's still skittish, having been raised in a breeder barn but I'll have her literally eating out of my hand soon enough.  She might be a bit nervous now but I've got time.  I check them all twice a day anyway and have been stopping to talk to her and try to gentle her down some.  I might be crazy but I want my breeders to be tamed and as easy to handle as possible.  It might make it a little harder when they have to be "culled out" down the road but for the time being we are gong to be spending way to much time together for her (or any of them) to be to wild to handle.

There is so much around here that just didn't get done during the summer because of the heat. (The lack of a truck didn't help much either.) I haven't even touched the list of things that I need to get done out in the barn.  It sort of became the catch-all in the past year. Not that I didn't expect it to since so many of our things are rotated in and out of the RV. It might be messy out there right now but at least everything is under cover and I pretty much know where most everything is. (Except for the two boxes of winter clothes that contain my long johns n stuff.) The goal will be to get it all organized over the cool months.  We'll see how that goes.

There's so much more to talk about but I've run out of time for now. I've got pepper jelly and pickled peppers to can today. I've been procrastinating on getting them done.  I've been putting it off and putting it off but if I don't move soon I'll end up loosing the peppers.  That ain't gonna happen!  We are out of bread so I need to remedy that as well.  OH NO! We are out of cookies too.....hmmmm...... Cookies just in time for a cool front moving in.   <(~@~)>


  1. Sci, I may have to try squash in the later part of the summer into fall this next year. Just maybe those darn squash bugs won't appear.
    Canning again I see, me too. Tomorrow will be some beef broth. Don't work to hard, I say that now but I know there's lots to do between now and the first snow. How did you make out with the recent rain storm everyone had?
    I hope you find your long johns. I need to purchase some, it was down right cold hear a week ago, and it's suppose to get to 39 tomorrow night.
    Take care and give Mars a hug.

  2. Hi, SciFi, your new doe looks healthy. When I had meat rabbits I treated my breeders like pets too. I just loved our buck and when he was a bit older I gave him free range of the property. He didn't go too far from his lady :-)

    He used to come to me for snuggles throughout the day, standing on his hind legs waiting to be picked up. Or running to the car to greet Renoman when he arrived home after night shift...hoping for a left over cookie from Renoman's lunch. I called him Big Red Fred. He was a satin and such a pretty colour. So, yeah, I really 'get' wanting to tame your breeders :-)

  3. Enjoy the weather while it lasts. It has been close to 70 here the last couple of days, but we've already had a hard frost.

    Have fun!

  4. Bet you are looking forward to some Winter time to catch up on your reading and such!

    Gotta just love those volunteers that refuse to die! Sometimes they can really surprise you with what they produce!