Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please bear with me, we are trying to get the dust to settle around here and things are definitely much better than they were just two weeks ago.  Thanks to all of you who sent prayers and hit that button down there I think we will be ok.  It's all a matter of regrouping I suppose.
  The truck is pretty much going to be one of those "project" things now.  It is going to take more to fix it than we actually paid for it.  The motor seems to be sound though so we'll see.  I promise I'll get my blogging mojo back together soon.

 We found a "beater car" that seems to be in decent enough shape to get us back and forth to town for awhile.  '90 Dodge Spirit which now has tags and insurance.  More to come on that later as well. I just didn't want to keep you all hanging to badly.  It's been a rough month.... and I owe you all so much.


  1. that is a neat little car.....told ya I would not laugh.

  2. Sci - i was positive that Warlock would laugh...but he didn't and neither are the rest of us! thanks for the update honey. i think i can speak for everyone when i say that we are all just glad that this problem has been taken care of, that you guys are safe and sound - and you can get back to blogging again. hey - we haven't seen a garden update in like 7 or 8 days?!!?!?!!? YO dude - we need a garden update - bahahahah!

    lots of love to you and Mars! your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  3. I would have laughed my ass off if it had been a Chrysler Sundance however......

  4. Sci, You don't owe us anything. Were all friends and we help out when we can, that is what friends do. Take a deep breath, everything's going to be alright. Your friends are happy that you and Mars are both okay (ooops and BB).

    Your Okie Friend, Sandy
    P.S. My email will be sent to you soon (see, things are busy
    here too :-))

  5. Glad you now have transport. And any car that runs is a good car. Hope everything else is in good order.

  6. Glad to see things are shaping up a little for ya!

    Friends helping friends...that's what it's all about! Have a great day!

  7. I had a Plymouth Acclaim which is the same as a Dodge Spirit and loved it. As a matter of fact I passed it down to one of our sons when I got my Ford Explore. It is a roomy sucker.

    I am glad things are coming together. Don't worry about your mojo. Many of us have lost ours to Spring Time. We'll be here when you get back around to blogging. - Genevieve