Thursday, March 8, 2012

This and That Thursday

    I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the roof and a little chill in the air.  So of course I did what anyone would do under the circumstances.  I pulled the covers tighter and went back to sleep for awhile! 
    The wind has been blowing here for days now.  Not just those light breezes of springtime either. I'm talking 40 mph winds.  I keep telling myself it won't last, that it will be over soon.  It might just be me, but I can't stand heavy winds.  Growing up on the Texas coast there was always wind.  Always.  It was actually one of the reasons that I decided to move away from the coast way back then.  Of course, getting away from home and spreading my wings so to speak had more to do with it, but I digress.  It seems that once again I am living in a wind tunnel.  The first clue should have been last year when many of my plants that weren't staked were growing with a definite "slant" towards the north!  Or Maybe that old Broadway tune should have been a tip-off. "Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plains"    They don't write lyrics like that for nothing.  Yeah, it's like that!  Yet again I am reminded that the man upstairs has a wicked sense of humor. 
   I've been wanting to get some planting done but with the winds blowing like they have been its hard to actually put them in the ground and get them covered before they get blown away.  Do you know how tiny lettuce and carrot seeds are??  LOL!!   We still haven't got the potato's in either and I hope we haven't waited to late.  The spot we wanted to put them is ready now and it just needs to dry up enough to plant them.  Most everything else is already in the ground. The cole weather stuff I mean. 
    I made some wonderful banana bread yesterday and am sitting here now with a hot cup of coffee and enjoying a slice.  I was reading somewhere the other day about using banana bread to make french toast.  That just sounds wonderful to me and I think I'm going to at least give it a go!
   Speaking of french toast ( ok follow along here ) the chickens are doing great in their new home.  We are getting 3-4 eggs a day from the girls and we are all happy with that for now. 
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  1. Seems that there is high winds everywhere.

  2. We have a lot of wind here also. But, at least it's drying up the mud.

  3. It has been windy as can be here too. Hey something that might help in planting lettuce and carrots is to take toilet paper, get it moist and fold the seeds up in it to make seed strips for your garden. The seeds will grow through the toilet paper without you having to worry about the wind blowing them away.

  4. We had to put a new roof on from the last horrible winds (in October) and the last horrible winds last month made my teeth rattle. Today is windy again and beautiful outside - we have spinach, onions,in the ground, and the green house started so we can be ahead of the game.

  5. Hey Sci, I sure know what your talking about with the damn winds, lol we also have rain. Feels like winters trying to sneak back. I tell you, living out in the prairie land doesn't have it's benefit this time of year :-)
    I have been wanting to plant some seeds the past two days and I have not be able to do so. Same with trying to lay down some straw, forget that! Any way enough of my complaining. Did you make the french toast with the banana bread?

  6. I really hate not being able to answer each of you individually but once again I'm having internet problems so I'm forced to do a sort of "blanket" reply to ya'll.

    Dizzy- Ya'll getting some of this wind too are ya? How's the sale of the RV going?

    SFG, You guys have really been getting hit with the weather out there. We didn't get any rain till today. Up to now its just been the danged wind. Now of course its wet AND windy!

    Coley, That's an awesome idea. I'm going to try that just as soon as it dries up enough to get back out in the garden. Thanks!! Boy, the things a person can do with TP and the rolls too! LOL!!

    Mimi, that must have been some really bad wind to have had to replace the roof. It sounds like you are really ready for spring there though.

    Sandy, it DOES feel like winter's trying to fight its way back doesn't it? I have news for it though... I ain't letting it back in!! As for the banana bread french toast, well the days not over yet! :D

  7. Hi Scifi, it's blowing like a tempest in a teacup here in Nova Scotia too. It kind of reminds me of Pooh's blustery day ... times 10! Glad to hear the coop girls are working for you. And be sure to tell how your french toast/banana bread works out. The idea sounds delicious!

  8. hey gurl...just wanted to let you know that jambaloney and i both suffer from PTSD - from the wind!!! driving 1,000 miles last winter in a 30 year old van really did us in! and last winter was the absolute worst winter in 40 years due to the wind. and this crappy little cottage shook like mad for 3 straight months! so whenever it is windy, neither of us can sleep! like right now for instance - it is 3am and the wind is just a'howlin'!

    jambaloney just made banana bread today - it was deelish! now i have to hide the remaining half in order to make french toast with it. teehee. thanks buddy!

    your friend,