Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Ramblings

Some of y'all may remember there used to be an old house on this land. It burned down several years ago and a bunch of it had been hauled away before we ever got here.  But there was still a good chunk of trash, old metal siding and the cinder block footings from the house.  And of course all the old stuff that used to be in the barn. Years and years of rusty old junk.  Large and small piles of crap stuff scattered all around the place. 

We have been taking serious advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having. We've been burning trash and cleaning up things. We loaded up the truck with scrap metal and made a couple of trips over to Recycling center this week. Now you want to talk about a double bonus!!  First off we get rid of all that crap stuff laying all over the place AND they actually PAID us for it!!  It doesn't get much better than that.  LOL  I think we may have another two loads or so to take them but it's amazing how much better the place looks now.

When we first moved out here I had hoped that we could use all those cinder blocks that were once the footings on the old house. Unfortunately, the fire that destroyed the house also destroyed the "integrity" of the cinder blocks.  Most just crumble or break when they are moved. Never one to be deterred, Mars decided that he could still put them to some good use around here. He's been breaking some of them up into small chunks and using them for "fill" in some of the low spots around here.  Living on the side of a hill, things sometimes tend to wash down the hill when it rains. Not a lot but enough to make some low areas.  He's filled in a good sized hole in driveway. And some was used on the back side of the barn where the rains had washed a small "gully" the back length of it.  He's also crushing some and making walkways to the trailer.  It's all a work in progress but I can see it shaping up.  One of those things that gets attention while hes plotting the next project.

This week he's also been working on the fencing we are putting up for the goat run.  I'm not exactly sure what you would call it....  so I'm calling it a goat run!  Using dead cedar trees from the property he's making corner posts. (H-Posts I think you call them) It won't be much longer now and the fencing itself will be going up.  It will be a 100 x 175 foot fenced in area when its all done. So that's progressing right along too.  I don't have a lot to do with all of that other than to be the "gofer" and the "holder" of things.  Like the tape measure, tools, etc. 

I've also been trying to get our food storage inventoried and rearranged. I've been making use of the underbelly storage on the RV for quite some time now.  The thing about that is that its really deep and doesn't have much height to it. It makes it hard to get to things that are stored towards the back.  So I've been trying to get things lined out so it's easier to see and to use what we have.

So that's pretty much what we have been up to all week. It might not be very exciting but it's forward progress, which is the right direction to be moving in. 

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  1. Sounds like a LOT of forward progress - good for you both. I know this beautiful weather is a big help. A little added bonus.


  2. Maybe Mars could come up with some kind of slide-out floor for the storage area?

    Just a thought!

    Glad you found the way to profit from the junk!

  3. No matter how hard you work, it seems there is always something left to do on an acreage. :-}

  4. To build on Jim's idea, how about a couple of those cheap mechanic's creepers. Stack your stuff in bins on the creepers, then you can pull them out easily to get at the stuff in the back.

  5. I am excited for you. Keep posting so we can keep celebrating each step of the way with you. - Genevieve

  6. Oh Skippy, we have had some gorgeous weather! Just loving it!

    Jim, I'm pretty sure if he were to build anything around the trailer it might turn into a house...And Yay!! it's awesome to get paid for hauling off your junk. :D

    IanH, I know you are right. There will probaly alwas be another project in the works!

    Craig!! You know what.... that right there is a Great Idea! Thanks Buddy, and I hope you enjoy your trip. I sure wish I could be there.

    Genevieve, as long as I don't bore folks flat to death I'll try to keep on posting!

  7. By lettin us know what you are doing you are also giving us ideas. Thanks!

  8. Check this out. You are even more famous now!

  9. Sounds like you got A LOT done!!! I love weeks like that! Great blog, I can't wait to check it all out. Thanks for the blogroll add, and I added you to mine:)

  10. When you get the goat run finished...suggest you top it off with two electric wires: one mounted about 6 inches down from the top line, and projecting into the fenced area (they make special wire holders that fit onto a T post that work) and one about 1-2 feet from the bottom that also extends about 6 inches (or 4" wil do).

    Goats are notoriously hard on fences. Electric wires will do a lot to ensure that Mars' work stays intact.