Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tips For Grilling./ BBQ

Well folks, it's Father's Day weekend.  Are you planning anything special?  I know around here that Father's Day usually means there will be a fire in the BBQ pit and good food on it.

I am not the "grill pro" around here, I leave that to the experts, but I've got a couple of hints that I would like to share with you. Some of them are so obvious you might wonder why you hadn't thought of them yourself!  Or you will be saying "Why is she telling me this?  I KNEW that already!"  Either way, I hope there is something here that you can use.

A quick and easy way to estimate the temperature of the coals is to hold the palm of your hand about four inches above the coals. Count the seconds you can hold your hand there before the heat forces you to pull it away. Then use the handy chart below to determine the temperature.­
­ ­
SecondsCoal Temperature
2 375°F or more
3 350° to 375°
4 300° to 350°
5 200° to 300°
1.  Take your meat out early.  Let it sit out for at least twenty minutes before putting it on the grill. Season your steaks and let them sit.  The salt and seasonings will have a chance to dissolve evenly into the meat rather than ending up on the grill. Steaks at room temperature will take the seasoning better and will cook faster.

2. Soak your wooden skewers or toothpicks in water for about 20 minutes before you use them.  They will absorb water and keep the wood from burning.

3. The easiest way to clean a dirty grill is to use a stiff wire brush and scrub the grill while it is still warm. If you will do this after you finish cooking it will be good to go the next time you cook.  Before you use the grill you can take a cut lemon and cover the cut side with sea salt or kosher salt and rub it on the grill to clean and sanitize it.  This trick works great for sanitizing your cutting boards when you are camping too.

4.  Don't poke your meat!  Use tongs or a spatula to turn your meat.  It lets out the juices and can dry out your meat. 

5. Make all your other dishes first.  Don't be trying to "time" things.  Unless you are cooking your sides on the grill you will just end up running back and forth from the kitchen to the BBQ pit.  Plan on getting all your side dishes done before your steak hits the grill. 

6. Use the hot grill to create “cross-hatch” grill marks. Set your steak down at a 45-degree angle from your grill lines. About a quarter of the way through cooking, give it a quarter turn. Half-way through cooking, flip it once. Give it a final quarter turn for the last bit of cooking. When you are done you should have a steak that looks like it belongs on a commercial. This might not be the most important thing in your day, but if you’re on a first date or trying to impress give it a shot.

7. Set your coals up so that you have zones of cooking. Always start off on a hot spot. You want good color and flavor from the high heat. When you flip it, don’t put it down on the same spot as before — it will be cooler. Find another hot spot to continue getting good color and flavor. 

Ok there ya have it. A few grill tips from the cheering section!  I hope I haven't stepped on any "chef" toes here.  Just a few observations picked up over the years.  I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful weekend.  Don't forget the Dad in YOUR life!  And if your dad is anything like mine.... He won't listen to a word of this!  Happy Grilling!
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  1. Great tips SFC! I knew most of them, but not the lemon one - thanks! Steaks are good things to leave out to room temp, but I would never do it with chicken. I am really squeamish about that.

    We had pork chops last night on the grill - so,so good