Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pelosi and Pumpkin Spice Pudding

We are being blessed with some wonderful weather here. The weatherman tells us that we are going to have a few more days of sunshine and temperatures in the 50's.  Of course the long range forecast has some really cold weather moving in. Predictions of highs only reaching the low 20's.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr  Oh well, what the heck can I expect... it IS winter after all.

Do you have a special way that you celebrate birthdays?  I know there are lots of folks who will go all out for birthdays.  I'm of a mind that unless you are under the age of 12 you might just want to grow upf  and get over it!    Anyway,  we used to go out to a restaurant of the birthday persons choice.  These days though, Mars or I will fix the other one a nice dinner of favorite foods and a dessert of choice. 
I say dessert of choice because I don't particularly care for cake. I would rather have a pie most any day of the week. Mars has made me a Birthday Pie for years now.  The pie choice changes from year to year but the pie maker remains the same!  :o) 
Why do I bring this up you ask?  Because I have a big pie decision to make in the next week or so!!!  You can't be to careful about requests like this.  It requires a great deal of thought and I wouldn't want to make the wrong choice!

Did everyone get to see Pelosi reluctantly give up the gavel today?  Man, I am soooo glad that that wicked witch has been relieved of duty. Of course, not before she patted herself on the back for all her "good deeds" during the time she ran roughshod over the House.  I thought she was going to try and filibuster to keep that gavel for a few minutes there!  I just wonder if our new Speaker of the House, John Boehner,  will be able to back up the excellent speech he gave today.  I guess we will have to wait and see how that all works out.Trust me when I say I'm not holding my breath.

I ran into the store for something yesterday and right there next to me at the check-out was a basket full of pumpkin spice Jello pudding. Like it had been there waiting on me to come and find it.  The sign on the basket.... 10/$1.00.  Now knowing how cheap I am and how much I love a good bargain and how I like to prep.... well.... I held my breath, dove into that basket head first,  and came back up with hardly a scratch, and 30 boxes of Pumpkin Jello Pudding. 
Yes, I said  30 boxes. Hey   Stop laughing!!  Actually, I think it was a pretty good deal. Ya never know when you might need something sweet!  Now I have stuff to make a pudding pie, maybe a pumpkin pudding cake or three, pumpkin spice puddings for delicious desserts uh , Pumpkin Spice Mousse... Uhhh....Please leave any and all  recipe ideas in the comment box below.  ;o)  Oh, and you just watch and see... it will be just my luck I end up with a Pumpkin Pudding Pie for my birthday this year!

.  Over at The Watchman  I was listening to one of the hosts (Cope Reynolds) who posted this great picture of an ingenious way to roast marshmallows!  I think I might try this one... what do ya think?  Might make a good topping for some of  that pumpkin spice pudding!

 If you get a chance, stop on over there and give him a listen.  His show is on from 11- 1 PM Central Time. There are some other great patriots over there as well,  so be sure to check them all out!
Oh, the picture at the top of the page was posted by him as well!!

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  1. We don't go all out for B-days here. I cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars to put on a 3 hour party. The kids don't complain and look forward to their special meal of their choosing every year. Gotta laugh about the pudding. I had 25 coupons for Muellers pasta making them free and I was loading them all in my cart like a kid in a candy store. At this point, I stock as much on the cheap as I can, since it's getting harder to get free with coupons anymore due to high food prices. Gotta get the back up food in case the garden doesn't produce well. Enjoy that mild weather before the real cold sets in.

  2. My rake is made of hard plastic. How do you think the marshmallows would taste?

  3. Birthdays at our house are handled like this, The B-day person gets to pick his/her favorite menu( homemade items only) for the day, the dessert, be it cake, pie, cookies or even pudding*wink* Then the B-day person picks one special thing they'd like to do( within reason), it might be to go for a drive up to the wild horse range and have a picnic, or as I have done the last few years, put my family to work completing a project, such as painting a room, or building something we'd been planning to do and never found the time, LOL!!!! Our son, most always picked going to a movie( it's the only time we'd go to a theater and we did it in the mid day, so it was cheaper.

    Glad Pelosi had to hand over the gavel, but we've not seen the last of her, she's a witch, who loves the spotlight. Can't say I particularly pleased with the new crew either, it's more of a wait and hold my breath situation.

    Blessing and enjoy your weather, we too have a week or so of really nice weather now the sub zero junk is coming again. We're headed to the city to pick up some sale items( preps) before the snow and cold arrive tomorrow.

  4. good deal on your pudding!

    I have to agree about Pelosi with one exception...I really don't like to insult wicked witches like that. :)