Friday, February 27, 2009

How We Ended Up In an RV

About 8 years ago my DH and I sat down and discussed our situation. We were trying to decide if we would renew our rental agreement or move. Somehow the conversation got around to the amount of rent we had paid that year. We were both a little shocked at the money we were giving someone for the roof over our heads. Rents here are (I think) outragous. We were paying $650 a month for a small 1 bedroom apartment.
We came up with a plan. We would find a Used RV and take the first steps at removing ourselves from the rat race. It was the best thing we could have ever done. We lived in about 3 parks before finding the right fit for our lifestyle. Don't let anyone tell you that what park you are in doesn't make a difference. Trust me it does. The owners of an RV park set the tone for the lifestyle. We have been blessed to have found a wonderful park with most excellent owners. The land the park is on 115 acres with only the first few acres in the front of the property used for RV's. There is a creek that runs along the back of the property and a bumpy dirt road access to it. It's like a private park for those of us who live here. Very nice!
Our lot rent is less than half of what our rent on that little apartment and the water and trash are paid as well. Oh and the best part......when we do find the land we will someday homestead....the roof is already over our heads!!! We have a ways to go but we are going to get there one day.

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  1. i am so glad that you removed yourselves from the rat race AND found yourselves the perfect RV park! it sounds like you can enjoy that great piece of property until you find your homesteading land - good for the both of you!