Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I had ice cream for breakfast! And it was GOOD!  We are still working on "eating down" the freezer.  Trying to use as much as we can before we move.   Which this morning is just an excuse to have ice cream for breakfast!

We had a pretty interesting weekend. We showed the RV four times.  And I'm 99% sure we have the trailer sold.  Of course until the money is in our hands nothing is 100%.  But I'm feeling pretty good about it.   Let me explain why.  I received an email late Friday night from a lady who was interested and had a few questions. I figured I would email her back Saturday morning. I never got a chance to!  She called the next morning and asked a million questions. Man, this lady can talk. And talk and talk....  She lives in Rockport now and is moving up here to Austin. She has been looking for an RV to live in since the first part of December.(which ironically is when we first started trying to sell ours) She told me she was sick of looking at trailers that didn't fit her needs and that ours looked like something she could live in. She came, she saw, she liked!  She is coming this weekend to trade $$ for a title. YEAH!!!

I thought it was pretty interesting when I found out why she wanted to move to Austin.  She has a friend who has a few acres in the country.  They have put in 5 RV pads  on big lots and Monica (the talker) will be moving there.  They are building their own small community! The plans include a large greenhouse, a garden, and some chickens. Of course, being a prepper, I really wanted to talk with her about it but she was pretty tight-lipped and I have to respect that. But how cool is it to know that our old home will now be retired to such a cool place??

We pretty much have everything packed up and in storage now.  Of course we are going to have to rearrange it all again before we head out of here.  We still have to pack up the rest of the kitchen and odds and ends but it can be easily done in just a few hours.  And so, the adventure begins. 
We are still looking for a camper shell for the truck so we can haul the dog and various things under cover.  I guess you could call it her new dog house!  LOL
I'm also still scouring Craigslist for a small RV but until we actually have the money I suppose I am really just window-shopping.


  1. WooHoo!!

    I'm doin' the happy dance for you Sci! :D
    How cool your RV is goin' to a prepping community.
    Still keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)

    What an awesome picture you have up there ^

    Have a good day!

  2. Thanks for the happy dance Fel! I took that picture yesterday at sunset. Chemtrails at Dusk should be the Title.

  3. oh Sci - i am happy dancing with Felinae...and so is Jambaloney!!! we are both soo happy for you guys! this is awesome news!

    and - yes - it's super cool that your RV will end up in such a great place!

    oh - i can sooo feel really amazingly good things coming your way!!!


  4. That's wonderful, Sci! Knowing you, you'll find a great deal on that camper shell you want too. Good for you! : )

  5. Great news. You gotta love it when a plan comes together. Good luck.

    See Ya