Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tick Tock

It seems that selling the trailer is taking longer than we had hoped.  I know some of  this due to being anxious to get on with things... to seek a new "life" as it were.  I had really really wanted to find a buyer before my birthday.  Unless it sells today that won't happen. (sigh)       
I know I patient. Things can and do happen in their own time.  I just wish they would hurry up!

I have been posting ads all over our area on Craigslist and have had a couple of prospects. Neither have ended up working out for one reason or another. We can't afford to put an ad in print so Craigslist and our local online papers are being utilized.  I didn't realize how creative you have to be to post on Craigslist.  You can't post the same ad in different cities.  So with a little manipulation of the title and a bit of cut and paste it CAN be done!  And since you can only post one ad every 30 days I had to find a way around it.  I want to keep at least 2 ads in the top 100 postings at all times.  It's almost like a game to outwit them and continue posting.

We have been discussing what we are going to do with the dog and cat while traveling. The answer we came up with is a camper shell for the truck. B.B the dog is just too much to handle in the front of the truck.  It would also allow for more room for "stuff".  We have rented a storage unit for now. But it will have to be emptied eventually.  I found a small trailer on Craigslist that would work for our purpose.  Of course all this will have to wait until after the sale of this place. 

I apologize for rambling but am feeling a little at odds today.  Probably brought on by the fact that I will be 50 tomorrow. I'm not freaked out by it. I thought maybe I might be.  Heck I am surprised I made it to see 50. The thing I don't get is how did 50 years speed by so fast?  Things that happened 15-20 years ago seem like it was just the other day.  I sure hope the next few years don't go nearly as fast!
Ok... enough of this meandering.

Keep your fingers crossed for me about the trailer?


  1. fingers and toes are crossed for you hunney! yer 50???? i can't bleieve it...i always thought that you were yunger than me and i am 39 this year!!!

    and that trailer is gonna do just fine on mark my words eh?

    happy freakin birthday - you made it this far and kept a brain in your head? it's people like you that future generations are gonna need eh?

  2. 50 of nofty! It's honestly the best time of life.
    Good luck on selling the trailer and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I will also turn 50 on the 31st.

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  5. Happy Birthday, mine was yesterday!

  6. I am positive all will go well! And hooten tooten Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!!!

  7. SCiFi hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  8. Good luck on selling the trailer Sci. FK

  9. Happy Birthday!! Don't worry, friend. Remember that I've gone before you and have *all* of this experience being 50! Seriously, it is definitely a time of reflection. I feel the same as you. Where the heck did the time go? When did I become this person with the extra puffiness around the middle and around my eyes?

    On a lighter note... trust me, the pet issues will work out just fine. I have a staffordshire bull terrier and a lab/heeler mix who don't get along for a minute. But we've managed to work it out in the motorhome.

    One more thing... here's some unsolicited advice. Dump the storeroom. Just don't do it. I can't believe how much stuff is currently residing in our storeroom. I'm quite sentimental and even more frugal, so it's hard to let go. Of course, you have my 100% support with whatever you decide and I promise not to later say I told you so. :-) We could always hang out among the stacks of things I couldn't live without currently residing in my storeroom.

    Good luck with the sale of the trailer. I know you'll find it's perfect match very very soon. Craigslist is great.

  10. Sci~


    50 is the new 30 don't ya know ;)

    Wanna know what my friend Kel does, she's 43, she tells people she's 53 just so they can tell her how great she looks for her age. LOL!

    I'm sure the trailer will sell just fine. If not, you can always try burying a statue of St. Joseph outside someplace. I've heard it works to get homes to sell.


  11. Happy Birthday....A mere child of 50. 69 the 19th of this month. I buried a statue of St. Joseph outside my condo. Only took a year to sell. Ha Ha Don't worry everything will work out. The trailer will sell, and the next phase of your life will continue.

    See Ya

  12. I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words and wishes. I am deeply touched and proud to know each of you. You guys made my day!

  13. Happy Birthday! The years go by faster the older you get, IMO.

    AS for Craigslist, I delete posts and repost them - after copying the original post. That way you can always keep your ad in the top 25! Also, create more than one Craigslist account under another email.

    I identify with your situation, believe me! It will happen when it's supposed to - and often in the most unbelievable ways. Hang in there.

  14. Happy Birthday, Sci......I remember it well!