Friday, January 15, 2010

The State of the Union

It's raining.  I love to hear the rain hitting the roof.  It's quite soothing.   Unless of course its been hitting it for days on end!  That's not the case tonight. A gentle rain with no wind to speak of .  So why can't I sleep?  I tossed and turned and finally gave up trying for a bit.
There are some bad things happening out there in our country and around the world.  The tension for me is palatable.  I can almost reach out and touch it.  The world is spiraling out of control.
I have been once again thinking back to that horrendous car wreck.  How "they" all said it was a miracle that I was still here among the living.  I believe that all of us have a purpose ( or a reason ) for living the lives we lead.  I think that for whatever reason, I was ment to live in these times.  Maybe just to be a witness to history in the making. Maybe to make a stand where others are afraid to speak.  Maybe to bear witness to what was once good and just.  And maybe, just maybe, to help recover what is still left of this once magnificent country we call America.  Or maybe I am just full of shit and am trying to read more into things than are actually there.  The last maybe is wishful  thinking on my part I am sure.
We have lost touch with our roots.  We have allowed the government to take control of our lives.  To take our children and "educate" them.  To tell us what is good for us.  As if we can no longer make those decisions on  our own.  The TV spews vile things at us daily.  Just today I found at least 3 references to watching American Idol.  TV has dumbed down most American's to the point of no return. We sit on the couch, remote in one hand and a bag of chemically laced potato chips in the other, just waiting for Fox TV to entertain us with more drivel. The networks all seem hellbent on destroying the last brain cell of everyone on the planet.  I read people spouting off about folks like O'Reilly and Beck.  Oh they are going to do some sort of  broadcast or tour or ever it is. And the people are excited. Excited? Ohh you just have to watch????  Apparently propaganda with just a dash of truth seems to placate the masses.
We have become so politically correct that we have PC'd ourselves out of the right to free speech.  We apparently can no longer be trusted to think for ourselves. They want to take our 2nd amendment right to bear arms from us because we cannot be trusted. Think about that.

  The Constitution apparently means nothing to the people we have entrusted to lead our nation. And year after year we vote them back in, as if to say "Good Job keep it up".  We have told our elected officials we don't want or need Health Care, but did they listen? We told them we did not want the stimulus package. They sure didn't listen to that.That we were against the bailout of  the "To Big To Fail" companies. We said let them fail.  Did they listen?
When they attacked the citizens of America in Philly during the G20 with weapons of war for exercising their right to freedom of speech and the right to assemble peacefully, did our governmental officials stand and say NO MORE?
Do they listen when we tell them that we want our troops back home from this trumped up propaganda they call a "War on Terror" ?   Yet they are STILL sending troops to fight phantom "terrorists".
Folks, the war on terror should start with those people in office who blindly follow the money.  When was the last time anyone can remember that they actually listened to our concerns?  This election year may very well be our last chance to make a stand. Time is running out. and if we do not make a stand we will be forever known as the generation that saw the Fall of the Greatest Republic in the history of the world.  And we will have only ourselves to blame.  We let them get this far.  We allowed them to continue to destroy the very fabric of this great country.

September 12, 2009 over a million people marched on Washington expressing their anger against this government. People from all walks of life coming together saying that we have had ENOUGH!  Did they listen?  How is it possible that that many people gathered together to protest the state of affairs in America and it only got 2 minutes on the news for ONE day?  I watched proudly that day, wishing I could have been there with them.  And I shed tears of pride for those who took up the fight.

  The Million Man March got a full week of TV coverage.  Before, during, and after.  You don't see the injustice of that?  They hide the will of the people through media manipulation and call us terrorists for speaking out against tyranny.
The time has come for things to take a turn.  I only hope there are enough of us out there enraged enough by the actions of our government to stand tall and say



  1. If there is not enough of us,we will all be dead.

    See Ya

  2. Thanks for the read SciFi. The hardest thing to do is putting it to words and you did a great job of it.
    The others blogs are also great.

  3. Excellent post, my friend.
    I for one am glad that you were a miracle case :D
    I too believe we are all here for a reason/purpose.

    I have yet to figure out what mine is, but I'm pretty sure that you have found your path Sci. In the same way Tom found his by starting the network. I think you are here to help wake people up and teach them all about food preservation and the like. You do this so naturally I don't think you realize it. I "watched" you that night in my lounge when it was really crowded. You just hopped right in and started helping out the newbies that were confused and had questions. It was effortless for you. :)

    I have to ask, Do you think it odd that you/we/us all kinda found each other at the same time?

    I think about that all the time, and I often tell Catman "how weird that we all came together at one time and we are all within a 10-15 year age span from each other"

    It is also weird that the guys, Cat, wolfe, MayB, Bulls, YOF etc. all seem to be cut from the same cloth. For the most part, so are the girls. Seriously, look at how alike you and I are and you and Ernie. Wolfe swears I could be IR sometimes.

    I don't know Sci, maybe I read too much into things as well, but I honestly think something or someone brought us all together for a reason.

    Maybe that is the reason for us being here. To just be in the here and now for each other, to help us get through this mess in one piece together.

    I'll stop now before my comment turns into a blog post. LOL! Sorry for rambling(my mind gets carried away sometimes)


  4. I believe that was a rant!! FK

  5. ..."I only hope there are enough of us out there"...

    There's more of us over FIFTY every day ;-0

  6. Sci, get out of my head! ; ) Excellent post ma'am. And Fel is right, we were all cut from the same cloth, and our coming together is no accident. Things happen for a reason...

  7. When the Constitution was drafted, it gave the individual States the right to govern its citizens. The purpose of the Federal government was to hold a standing army (with small, State supported militias also in place) and to have a national currency.

    And somewhere along the line, the States increasingly lost power, which we gave over to the Federal government.

    I think if we want to wrest power back from the Feds, we have to start with boosting the power of our States, and reminding our State leaders that THEY are the ones who have ultimate power - not the President and not the Congress. I mean, if Maine says NO to the health care, or NO to sending its citizens' money to bail out banks in New York and California, or NO to sending our Maine National Guard soldiers for that war, what are the FEDS going to do? Cut funding? Attack us? I think we have to be willing to stand behind our state and local governments and be willing to accept fewer handouts, because as long as they're giving us all that we think we need, what's happening will just get worse.

    When I was six, I was involved in an accident that left me unconscious for a couple of days. I wasn't supposed to survive unscathed, but here I am, thirty-six years later, with only a couple of scars. We should poll all of the preppers and survivalists we know to find out how many of us survived life-threatening events when we were younger. It could very well be the Universe sparing us because we have a job to do ;).