Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Kids and Stinky Feet

I saw this sign outside a video store and got a good chuckle out of it. So many implications!  LOL

We got out of the house the other night and went to see a movie.  A rare treat for us.   Mars just felt like getting out for a bit and we haven't been to the movies in ages.  So after a quick look at the listings we decided to go see The Book Of Eli.  It is a great movie and I highly recommend it.

We went to the late showing on a Monday night.  It's a really large theater and has 100+ seating.  The place was empty.  Just the two of us with the whole place to ourselves. Cool!  About 10 minutes later a young couple comes in.  They look around at all the available seats and make a bee-line to the seats right behind us.  Who the hell does something like that?  Well,ok, lets just watch the movie.  A few minutes later the guy puts his feet up on the back of the chair next to Mars.  Thing is....the guy was barefoot.  Stinky feet not even 18 inches from his face. Who does that sort of thing?  He's lucky he still has that foot attached!  

As Riverwalker would say...

Got Bible??


  1. LOL on the free kids...many a time a parent would donate one to fill the shelves!!

    My kids went to a movie last week on a Friday night(new release) large brand new theater and they were the only ones there too...

    Seems like something to ponder doesn't it?

  2. Where do you live again SciFi? (jokin) When I was in 5th Grade in Biloxi some of the kids didn't wear shoes to school at all. By the looks of their raggedy pant cuffs maybe they couldn't afford them. I went native during the summer and ended up with hook worms from running around the swampy timberlands barefoot.

  3. Boy, some people have very little in the way of brains. I'm referring, of course, to the guy in the theater. What an idiot. Thats why I'm a hermit. lol.

  4. A lighter would have cured those stinky feet.

    I HOP advertises kids eat free....I dropped off a dozen...they have no sense of humor.

    See Ya

  5. And he left with how mant broken toes? Of the nine he entered with, Cletus...

    I's jest axin, girl...