Friday, March 6, 2009

What's it Gonna Hurt?

I've not personally tried my hand at rabbit raising.... unless you count the feeding and watering. Oh and the mucking out of the aftermath of the feeding and watering. Been there done that as a kid. I do know I want to. We all know the benefits. The lean meat , the fast rate of breeding, the worm cultivation, and the rabbit poop factor.

I am trying to get the DH to build me some hutches. It's ....uhhh... well lets just say he's not opposed to the idea but the timing is off for us. Maybe later this year. We shall see.

Right now we are focusing on getting the truck and getting the garden tilled. First things first right?
Sometimes you just have to let things flow as they will. It seems that when you try to push life ...all you get is resistence. Who needs that? I prefer to take life as it is handed to me and use all my skills (or lack of) and once in awhile ......just once in awhile.......go for that two point conversion. LOL whats it gonna hurt?


  1. Boy can I ever relate! I've been working on this battery thing - and I'm so close. Pushing.

    Feeling a big hole not being able to have a garden, though. I'm looking for land. Wabbits, Chickens and a Garden. Gotta have 'em.

  2. You are so right. You will get there!! I have faith.