Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Simply Because We Choose To

I was raised with the belief that if you wanted something you saved for it. My grandparents and my Dad never had a single credit card. Nor have I. The same goes for the hubby. He has detested banks since I have known him. ( 15 years ) The only reason we have a bank account is for paying bills and internet purchases. Oh, and I had to open the account , because he refused. " What's wrong with paying them the old fashioned way?" Until he started shopping online. ;)

When my kids were little I would start Christmas Shopping in October. Layaway was my best friend. Pay a little off every week. By the time Christmas rolled around I was ready. The shopping was done and I didn't stress over the last minute trips n such. Besides, it was a great way to "hide" the gifts from the kids till Christmas.

I miss layaway. The idea of paying for something BEFORE you get it has apparently been lost. It's just too easy to pull out the trusty credit card and get it NOW. Instant gratification. People have let themselves become way too comfortable with that concept. We don't have a new car or a fancy 4 bedroom house we can't afford. or credit card bills we can't pay off. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be so in debt.. The trailer is paid for as are the vehicle's. I can honestly say we are debt free. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be so in debt.

The only people we owe each month are the cable guys, insurance, and the phone. Oh wait, we do have NetFlix. Hmmm.... springs comming.... I think i will be canceling it anyway. There won't be time to watch movies. It's our entertainment expense and we could easily do with out it. Joe takes care of the rent and electric by working here in the park. We trade and barter when we can. That is how we are paying for the new (old) truck. We still have prep work to do....but who doesen't? It is an ongoing thing and much work still to be done. It's ok though. As long as we are am making forward progress.

We live simply- simply because we choose to.


  1. agree 100 % with your post living the same as you up here in Canada ten plus years now

  2. i agree with you as well! i was raised the way you were - my parents did everything with cash!
    my hubby and i do the same minus our monthly mortgage and we have zero balance on our credit cards.