Thursday, September 22, 2011

Climate Change!!

We have been having the most amazing weather.  Still being a "newbie" here in Oklahoma the differences in the climate is still a wondrous thing.  To have four real seasons is such a cool thing!  Although the summer has been long,hot, dry and mostly unbearable at least I can say its finally over.  The first day of fall is upon us and has brought some welcome rain with it.  I slept in this morning just listening to the rain falling... drifting in and out of sleep.  Then I looked at the clock and all the sudden it was past 9am.  Time to feed the rabbits.  Of course when you feed anything around here the cats demand to be included.  I'm almost positive that one of my does is pregnant but I suppose I'll know more in about two weeks.  We have to get a nesting box built.  One of the things that has been on the list, ya know. Easy enough to fix.  I'm hoping all goes well and that we will have our first batch o' bunnies soon.  Freezer Food!! 

The barn now has the 20x 20 workshop/storage area almost done.  We still have to hang the tin on one outside wall but all the posts are set and the runners are ready to go.  It seems like it's taking forever but I know that's just because I'm impatient to see the finished product.  It seems my job is to just "hold" stuff and be a gofer but hey... someone has to do it right?  LOL  We've been talking about trying to find some cheap/free windows off Craigslist and putting them in. That way we would have a place to start plants for the spring.  There just isn't any room in the RV to do anything like that.  I sure would rather be able to start my own tomato's and peppers this next spring than to have to get the plants from "down the road" if  at all possible.

 We had to go into town this morning to have a tire fixed on the truck and stopped at the local lumber yard for some more sheet metal screws and the three last posts. (Thanks to Gary for the generous dontation!)  While there, I asked them if they had any old pallets I could have.  I want to use them in the barn to set "stuff" on since it has a dirt floor and I'm betting the ground might get wet.  Anyway.... he gave us 6 pallets and has some more for us when we are ready to go pick them up!  So soon comes the part where I get to start unloading all the boxes that have been stacked to the ceiling in the bedroom out into the barn.  YaY!!!  I might get the house in order before winter after all.  I guess we will just have to see how things work out.

I've been neglecting this blog some.  It seems that I just needed a little time off from the internet in general to get some things done around here.  I have to admit I haven't acomplished much but the time off was good for me.  I was in a bit of a "funk", not feeling good but not really feeling bad... It seemed that it has been all I can do just to get the basic stuff done and of course "hold" stuff out in the barn.  What was that disease that Tom Hanks had in "Joe and the Volcano"?  Oh yeah... was it a brain fog??  I'm sure it will lift soon and things will get back to normal, till then I just hope ya'll will bear with me.  

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  1. Sure sounds like things are definitely rolling along. I am loving this weather! It rained here most of the day and never made it past 60 degrees.


  2. Glad you're back blogging. I should really take a blogging vacation....imagine the things I could do if I weren't sitting on the computer!

  3. Four seasons? how far north did you move? I thought everybody had four seasons.

  4. Coley, Girl is this weather awesome or what!!!

    Carolyn, don't bother... it didn't seem to help much more than having me making MORE LISTS!! hmmm....

    IanH I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I suppose someone has to. Most of Texas only has two seasons.... Getting warm and Hot... just sayin' lolll

  5. Where I grew up in N. Idaho we had 3 seasons July, August and winter. You could add in a 4th season of mud. Different in S. Idaho you have 5 seasons adding in construction.

  6. sorry that i am so late getting here but i have been catching up on all your blog posts that i missed over the past several months. what can i say - except that i am absolutely thrilled for you and Mars and can't wait for pics of the storage shed/barn and more of your land!

    i have missed you buddy but i am back now!

    your friend;