Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy Days

I realize that my posts have become a bit farther apart lately but the days are getting shorter and there is much to be done while the weather is good.  We are trying to get the work on the barn done before it gets too cold. We have to. We are talking about putting the woodstove we got last summer in the 20x20 area that will be the workshop and storage area. That thing is unbelievably heavy and needs to be moved in before the walls go up. This will also be where we will keep the rabbits during the winter.  Since the barn area includes the goat pens and the chicken coop, this is the big focus for now .

I know that it seems that all I do lately is talk about that barn and the garden, but to be honest that is what is consuming my days right now.  We are moving toward that elusive dream of more self sufficient living each day.  This is what I need to be doing right now.  What, in some way, we all should be doing right now. 

I'm starting to get antsy and a bit nervous about things going on around us these days.  The economy is tanking and the government has been hi-jacked.  Things are starting to get pretty interesting.  I just want to be as ready for the coming times as I can be.  With the prices rising at the grocery store close to 50% over this time last year, I can't see trying to stock up on things that I can grow here anymore. This has been the plan( the dream)  for years and its now time to make that plan work for us.  So if my posts are fewer in the next few weeks please bear with me.  The weathers good and Life is taking the drivers seat and its moving 90 miles an hour!

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  1. I have this dreadful feeling time is rapidly drawing near for a world wide depression. I can't walk of the grocery store without dropping a hundred dollars...inflation. You're on the right path, hang in there.

  2. Dizzy-Dick is right, your plan is good, stick with it!
    I agree that things are going badly and no one seems to count into their inflation numbers the things that affects us all, like heating,electric, gas and food costs. I just don't know how a lot of folks are going to make it through the winter at this rate.

  3. 50% raise in grocery prices?! You poor thing, where do you live? That's just horrible.

    We don't have anything that huge here, more like 7, 8% on groceries and of course gas is higher than that.

    Stick with your plan. I wish you luck and prosperity. :)

  4. Things are getting bad all over, and I certainly feel it each time I go to the store!

    I'm proud that you and the hubby have kept true to the vision you have and I know your hard work will pay off in the long run!

    Just keep on keeping on!

  5. People laugh when they say 'make hay while the sun shines' but all those old sayings are based in fact ...and common sense. An agrarian life is labor intensive and it's ruled more by weather even than finances ...the weather has been anything but normal this year. Stick to your plan and just post when you can so we can share in your progress. You still have a couple of months before the really cold weather should hit. Rabbits can handle cold far better than heat.

    : )

  6. SFC - I think you typed that wrong - whew - I just saw on the news that grocery prices are up FIVE [not 50] percent since last year.

    I was freaking out for where you lived. You would be paying almost 7.50 for a gallon of milk if it was 50%.

    We live in an area that isn't economically depressed [meaning low foreclosure, low unemployment] so prices stay pretty high - but I knew I hadn't seen a surge like 50% in grocery prices.

  7. Steven, I know there are many of us out here who can see the eventual outcome if this continues.

    Dizzy, thanks! I feel like we are as well. It certainly is more interesting than the path once traveled!!

    HP I've been wondering about how folks will fare this winter as well. I don't think it will be one forgotten soon.

    HermitJim your kind words are quite appreciated and always welcome.

    HB, you are such a smart woman. You always seem to see the logic in things! All we can do is All We Can Do, right?

    Skippy, I may have misspoke about the 50% increase but let me make my little point here.... I used to buy Wolfe Chili (for my preps) for $1.00 each just last year. This year the price is consistantly %1.50. 50% increase... Nabisco Crackers last year were running .99c on sale, now the very best price I can get them for is $1.89. Now I know that this isn't a very "real" view of the price of inflation but it is the one that I see and feel. Anyway, thanks for pointing out the mistake.LOL Now I want to do a post on groceries and inflation!!! Thanks!! :P

  8. I love the name of your blog, with breakfast being my favorite meal. Richard