Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WildBlue Internet SUCKS

I'm back... Kind of.  I've been having some serious issues with WildBlue Internet services.  This has got to be THE WORST company I have ever dealt with in my entire life.  Their lack of customer service and straight up lies is more frustrating than I can possibly go into here.  I'll be going back to the aircard just as soon as I get my next check.  I've spent over 40 hours on the phone with these S.O.B.'s and still cannot get things worked out.  My speed is now worse than dial-up and it's difficult to get online at all.  So my posts might be a bit sporadic until I can switch back over.

I had to go into "Little Big Town" this week for some grocery shopping and a trip to the feed store.  I am still in shock at the way prices are going up.  I'm actually starting to worry about being able to keep up with it.  It seems that I'm loosing ground on the preps lately.  Using more and replacing less.  Not a good feeling at all and I'm sure I am not the only one starting to feel the "pinch".  So do what you can while you still can folks. I suppose that's all any of us can do. 

We checked out the feed store in "Little Big Town" and I was really impressed with it.  Much nicer and much better choices and prices than in our Little Town.  They also had something I had never seen in a feed store before.  They have a huge New Zealand rabbit wearing a collar and hopping all over the store!  I thought that was totally awesome. 

We have a new addition here at the homestead.  My dog BB found a tiny little kitten.  I don't know where she got it but the little thing can't be more than about three weeks old.  I'm bottle feeding and playing mama to it. Did you know that you have to teach a kitten to poop?  Hmmm.....

Anyway... With any luck she'll live since she seems healthy enough.  Just very very small. MissKitty is not in the least bit happy about it either.  She acts like this little kitten is the Devil himself!  She refuses to come in the house to eat and makes that weird noise that cat's make when they are "threatened".  It's actually pretty funny!

Well, I'm going to cut this short today, Just wanted everyone to know that I'm still around but it's harder and harder to get online because... did I mention this?   WILDBLUE SUCKS!!!!
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  1. Big cable companies aren't any better. I wish you luck. I finally, at one point, had to go to a Virgin Mobile plug in to get internet because the big guys here sucked so bad. It cost $50 a month, but well worth the hassle of not dealing with those idiots [Comcast]

  2. I called once when my WB was down and they told me there was weather. I told them I saw no clouds in the sky and she said the satilite had weather. I guess it still rains at 24,000 miles up. I had no other choice until we had a new system come to our valley at T-1 speed and half the price.

  3. Dang sucks to hear about your internet. We had dial-up (Sysmatrix.net) before my brothers decided to start a internet company out here in the country. We are now getting DSL wi-fied from a town 25 minutes away to a tower on my parents property up the road which is then wi-fied out to all who want it for $50 a month. Not bad considering my bros are 18 and 20. They are hoping to get up to 100 customers by years end and are well on their way. They say that 80% of their customers had satellite,10% had dial-up and 10% had none. I hear you on the feed. I just got chicken scratch grains and egg crumbles on sale for $10 a fifty pound bag, all other times they are closer to $13. All other feed isn't much better.It sucks we do what we can to get by, we can't even begin prepping :(

  4. Hope you get your internet problems resolved. It is terrible when you can't get connected with a reasonable speed. I am spoiled, and when I travel, sometimes my Verizon air card gets into a poor reception area and it sucks. That is a bigger problem in mountainous areas.

  5. Sci,

    I hear ya on the usage of the preps and not being able to replace it right away.

    As far as the kitten, if it is that young, wet a cloth with warm water and rub it over it's belly & private parts, to simulate the mother cat, that helps them go potty.

    To try and get Miss Kitty to accept the kitten, rub a little bit of butter on the kittens head and see if she'll clean it off. We learned that tip from a woman who ran a cat rescue and we've had to use it on more than one occasion, it worked for us. :)

    Good luck with the internet issues.


  6. Sure hope your internet service issues get resolved. That would be a real problem for me after awhile. Guess I am spoiled now - went from Windows 95 dial up straitght to Windows 7 wifi. (I love it...)

  7. Skippy I hear you about the big companies. What chaps my rear end is that I have spent close to 50 hours on the phone with these guys and every time they come up with a new excuse.

    Mudbug, ok that's one excuse they haven't used on me yet!

    Coley it sounds like your brothers are gonna have a great business and some loyal customers. Too bad there isn't anyone like that out here. I'd love to "go local".

    Dizzy, thanks. We live pretty far out so our options are limited. What is sad is that the air card works SO much better than the service we are getting now.

    Fel. LOL I had a feeling you would know what to do! I've been doing the wash rag thing and its "sorta" working, so I'll just keep trying! I love the idea of rubbing butter on the baby's head. LOL I am SO going to try it!

    2 Tramps it sounds like you are hitting it at Super Speed! Don't ya just love it when things work like they are supposed to!

  8. Fel beat me to it. I was gonna say, the momma cat licks the kittens belly from ribcage to privates with its tongue until the kitten goes poop. But I was gonna say it in a "different way". But Fel put it much nicer. (LOL).
    I'm not exactly enthusiastic about Wb either as it's the main reason I can't go to chat any longer.(Poor me)
    Food is gonna get worse. Just wait and see.
    See Ya,

  9. Sure is good to see ya YOF! A bright spot in my day for sure! As for you saying it in a "different way" LOL Yeah, I pretty much think I know.... At least ya didn't suggest I lick the kitty... or did you??? hehehe

  10. When I had a problem with the local phone company, trying to get DSL, I opted to go with satellite. It's pricey but reliable. Hope you have better luck with a card. We'd miss you otherwise.

  11. Never a dull Moment at Casa SciFi! I hope you get the internet thing ironed out. I tell you what food prices are going up and you know they are gonna drop the price hammer on Thanksgiving when everyone "needs" stuff for their table!

  12. Noooooo, I need my SciFi fix!!


    Sorry about the trouble...I get antsy when ours is merely a little slower than usual...and even then, it's still fast as blazes because right now we're enough within the bounds of "civilization" to warrant DSL. When we move to Mum's we'll be adjusting our expectations - satellite is just fine, but it's slower than DSL, for sure...and you can't be on when it rains! Eep!!

    Yes, I did know that kittens have to be taught to poop...I used a warm, damp washcloth, because the terrycloth was something like a cat's tongue.

    I am slowly inventorying the preps closet and making a list of things I'd like to add...hopefully a few items at a time won't pinch the budget too badly, and it will be nice to have a good buffer on hand against hard times.

    Have you ever heard of Angel Food Ministries? I don't know if they're still around, but if they are, it's not too bad...you pay about $30 a month and get a big box of dry, canned, and frozen foods worth a fair bit more than that. Here's the web address: http://www.angelfoodministries.com/ You can look up the menu and where to find them in your region and decide each month if you want to take part. The group I used didn't even preach at me or anything...nice folks at the local Baptist church didn't mind a Pagan taking part and were always very friendly.

    I DO hope you'll get your Net fixed soon...and if you need me to shake a chicken foot at Blue Sky, I will...grumble...

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  13. Try Pixius if you have them in your area.