Friday, August 26, 2011

The War and the Fall

I worked in the garden this morning before the temperatures became cruel again.  Watering the peppers, okra, Fall squash and the few remaining tomato plants that have somehow hung on through the summer I saw them. The army of squash bugs were swarming over leaf after leaf. We have a problem lately that seems to be getting worse as the days go by.  I squished at least a hundred of those awful squash bugs this morning and have been doing the same thing for a few weeks now.  My hands are stained green from bug juice yet I refuse to give up the fight to them.  At least I know that battle is being waged even as more and more of them seem to take the squished ones place.  I have no idea how to get rid of them and they seem to multiply overnight.  The war will continue until either they are all gone or the squash is.  Either way I will be able to say I fought the good fight.

I planted some carrots, radishes, Swiss Chard and a few turnips in the beds where some of the tomato's were pulled up and have another 3 eight foot beds ready to plant in once the sun falls behind the trees this evening. The other two 4x30 foot spots still need to be "bedded up" and fertilized before anything can be done with them.  I don't know, but hope, that we can get that done in time to plant some bush beans, turnips,spinach, Kohlrabi, and cabbage.  I guess we will just play it by ear on those as the heat is still with us and we are running out of time.  I need to find a spot for garlic and onions as well.

This morning I felt it. I look for it every year. Wait for it, wish for it. This year I wasn't sure that it would ever come. Something different in the way the air wraps itself around you.  That almost imperceptible feeling of the changing of the season.  Something in the way the air feels just a little differently.  A whisper of the promise of Fall.  Of course it only lasted a few hours, but I felt it.  I know that it will be here before long.  I am ready to put the oppressive heat behind me and hope that the coming season will not be as unkind as the one it follows. 
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  1. We felt Fall in the air this got down to 60 degrees!! That, and DH burned the huge pile of branches so with the "cool" temps in the morning and the smell of burning wood, it felt like Fall! For like an hour. Then it went back up to 92 degrees. Better than a hundred though I suppose.

  2. Hopefully if this hurricane doesn't decimate the east coast it will bring some relief from the summer heat to the east coast and mid west. It won't be long and the cooler temps will be here.

  3. We're on the receiving end of the hot air exhaust from Hurricane Irene ...temps as high as 105-108 tomorrow and Sunday. That's not the 'feels like' temperature either, that's the ACTUAL temperature. I don't want to know how hot it feels. I plan to hide indoors as much as I can!

    Glad you're getting some things planted. That always makes you feel good, huh. Mmm...Swiss Chard. The garden veggie that gives and gives and keeps on giving!

    : )

  4. A couple of ways to get rid of those darn bugs:
    Mix up 3 to 5 habenero peppers with 1/2 cup cooking oil and a cup of water. Whirl up until liquified in blender. Spray on leaves of plants.
    Other recipe:
    Mix 1 tablespoon dishwashing detergent, 3 to 5 habeneros and 2 cups water and whirl in blender until liquified. Spray on plants.

  5. Soapy water with a bit of citrus peel and a bit of pepper sauce is pretty good at getting rid of bugs, although I can't honestly say I've ever used it on squash bugs. I hope you can be rid of them!

    I felt it yesterday, the approach of the sun's gentler hand. I love Autumn best of all seasons and am looking forward to it after the relentless heat of Summer.

    Good luck with Fall crops - I wish you abundance!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  6. Carolyn I couldn't agree more, there is something about a cool morning and the smell of a fire burning that makes a soul feel good. And then... POOF its hot again! We are going through the exact same thing here.

    Skippy I can hardly wait, its been so darn hot here a bit of a break is mighty welcome.

    HB those are the temperatures we have been having until the last week, we are now hitting the high 90's and boy does it feel good! LOL Staying inside is the best way to deal with it for sure. Ya have to love Chard, that stuff is so good and as you say it just gives and gives.

    Lamb thank you for the recipes, I have heard of the second one but not the first. I wonder if jalapeno's will work as that is what we have growing right now?

    Kyddryn , it is a wonderful feeling isn't it? There is nothing like the first touch of Autumn.

  7. I wish I could feel the was a nice 111 today LOL. Yet I find myself out there fartin around in my raised beds and out shopping...

    I hope the next season is not only kind to you but GENEROUS!

  8. A little Fall would be a nice change of pace! However, we usually go from Summer straight into Winter!

    I hope you do well with your Fall plants!

    Stay cool!

  9. Chef, I feel ya but sure don't wanna be in your shoes out there in Arizona!

    Hermit Jim, The immediate change from Summer to winter is one thing about Texas I can honestly say I don't see myself missing any time soon!