Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

I am MELTING.  This heat is starting to get on my last nerve.  I have never been a morning person. Until this summer that is.  The only time that I can get anything done outside is to get up with the chickens... Oh wait... we don't have chickens yet!  LOL Well, you get what I mean.
  It's already past 90* before 10am around here and steadily climbs till the sun starts to set. But hey, I know I'm not alone here.  The entire south is baking and Fall cannot come fast enough for any of us.  I think this is the first time in my life that I'm looking forward to being able to wear a pair of jeans without thinking "Why in the world would anyone do this on purpose?"  Wearing long pants in this heat is just torture. 
I want to be able to get out in the yard and start some seeds in the garden.  I can't see it yet though. Even though the calendar says its time to start them the temperatures say No Way!  The plans for a big Fall garden are beginning to fade as badly as I myself am in this heat.  It's supposed to be time to be putting in broccoli, tomato, cauliflower and cabbage plants among other things.  There is no way any of that is going to have a shot at making it in temperatures over 100 degrees daily.  Yes, I know that if I had shade cloth we might have some luck, but we don't , so....
With finances the way that they are, I had some real hopes to be able to supplement our preps with the garden this year. But it doesn't look very promising.  Heck at this point though, who knows... we may have a really warm fall and winter with the way things have been going.  I'm not giving up just yet!
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  1. I now get up around 3 am. I work outside until around 10 am, noon--tops, and then come back in. The heat is just too damn vicious. The heat is so bad, it literally makes me ache! Not sunburn bones ache!
    I am hoping for a Fall garden, too and am going to improvise with tarps and such. I'll see how it goes, but I have to admit, I am not that hopeful. :(

  2. It's the same here in North Florida but with humidity. Supposed to hit 100 here today. Planting by moon light might work.

  3. Not getting much done here in GA either. I go to the pond around 8 a.m. and am soaked in sweat by the time I get through cleaning around the overflow pipe. While I can stand heat better than cold, this is extreme.

  4. SciFi, they are forecasting the temps to drop a little, to the 90s at least. I was thinking the same thing you are; should I wait to start fall garden crops? I may try starting a few things indoors. That way if the temps pick back up, maybe I can keep the plants alive inside until they get out of the fragile stage. If it's still too hot when it's time to transplant...I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. Maybe mulching and extra watering will help.

  5. Sci- its like Africa desert hot here too. I as well am hoping for a fall garden, but not right now, right now we break a sweat before we step out the door.. : )

  6. tmosley posts a lot at and I believe he's in Texas. Anyhow he suggested putting a soaker hose on the roof. It seems it reduced the temp in his house by about 20 degrees F. May not help the garden but could help you all stay cooler. If you can afford the water cost.

  7. Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't replied to all your comments sooner. Blogger is acting weird (again)

    Lamb, Good luck with your ventures on your Fall Garden, it sounds like you have a decent idea with your shade covers. Hope it works out for ya!

    Steven, that might work... but we are so far out in the country I would need to wait for a full moon to be able to see out there! It's dark out here in the woods...

    MomLady, I sure do hear ya about the humidity. Ya'll have it worse than we do on that. And like you, I don't do cold either.

    Kris, we have been blessed the past day or two with cooler temps! Somehow 95 doesn't seem nearly as hot as 111~~ lol

    JackedUGMom... maybe we will get lucky, yes?

    AiSR, That's not a bad idea, thanks. My big concern with the water is that with the drought I would hate to see the well go dry. (A secret fear for me.... shushh)