Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mini Rants

Small Town Sunset 
I've been reading through some of the blogs I enjoy.  I hadn't really realized just how many of them I follow.  At last count there were 153.  Now I know that sounds like an awful lot but you have to remember that there are very few who post on a regular basis.  This makes it "manageable" for me and I thoroughly enjoy them.  I'm always on the lookout for a new and interesting blog.  Now I'm sure if they all started posting with  regularity I would seriously have to cut back.  There is only one thing that really annoys me about some of them.  It's that "jukebox" that plays the authors favorite songs.  Now don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy most of the music that is there.  It also gives me an insight into an authors taste and style in music.  What IS disturbing are the ones that play music when the blog opens.  I don't have a choice but to listen to the music.    The ones that "hide" the jukebox wayyyy down on the page are totally annoying.  I either have to scroll down until I find the dang thing or mute my speakers.  Now having said that, Is it just me or does it annoy you too when you open up a blog page music automatically starts playing?

I think I have mentioned before that I have finally found a place where I can get medical help.  This organization is wonderful.  It is a christian run clinic with Doctors and Nurses who volunteer their time to make it happen.  They have an 18 wheel tractor trailer set up as a small Doctors office, complete with examining rooms and even a small pharmacy area that dispenses non-narcotic medicines.  If they don't have some medicines in stock, the rule of thumb is that they prescribe what they can generically so you can go to Wally World or some other place that has the $4.00 + stuff. The folks there are wonderful and make you feel like you are a person and not just another "case" to deal with. 

 Now having said all that,  I had an appointment scheduled yesterday. I had to go into the Big City which is a trip of about 60 miles.  The Physician's Assistant had called me on Saturday (on her own time) and told me that my blood tests had come back.  Apparently my blood platelets came back extremely low so she wanted me to come in and have another test run.  Well, I got there on time but when I pulled up there was no tractor trailer.  Just a sign that said the clinic had been canceled.  I was shocked.  No one had called to tell me about the cancellation  and here I had just driven 60 miles.  As it happened though, I had the P.A.'s number (from the call on Saturday). I found out later that the church's water was off so they had to cancel at the last minute.   I gave the P.A. a ring and left a message.  Then I waited around awhile to see if I would hear back from her.  I finally decided to head back home.  Well, I got a call back after I had got to the little town just outside of the Big City.  To make a long story a bit shorter I turned around and met her at another clinic, picked up my lab request and headed out to find the lab.  After getting lost a couple of times I finally made it!!  Now I have to wait until next Wednesday for the results. They should re-confirm what I have been telling Social Security all along.  Hopefully when I get the results I will be able to get them off to them in time so they can use them in making their decision on my case.  I have my fingers crossed this time since these results could definitely speed up the SS process.

I haven't mentioned this before.  Mainly because it is (to me anyway) really disturbing.  The neighbor that lives next door has two dogs.  One is a Dachshund and the other one is a German Shepard.  The dachshund has been tied up on the front porch all summer and the German Shepard is tied up in the backyard.  These poor dogs have been without water during the hot summer most every day.  Not to mention that it seems they don't feed the German Shepard much at all.  Two or three times a week maybe.  It disgusts me. Heck it makes me want to cry one minute and raise hell the next.   Here is the problem though.  I can't  get into their backyard to water and even to feed that poor dog.  He looks horrible and probably suffers from Heart worms as well.  I wanted to call the Humane Society or the dog pound or whatever they have here in Little Big Town and report the situation.  The problem is that the neighbor is a cop here for the city.  If I were to call he would definitely know who had done it since we are the only ones who can see into the back yard. There would be repercussions.  Mushroom said that they have called on them before and that the drama lasted for a long time afterwords.  I am a guest here and so I can't be getting folks in a tizzy either.  I just don't know what to do.` Heck it's illegal to do some of the things I have considered!!  :)    It just breaks my heart to see people abusing animals like that and not even caring.   
                              ~~Hey...I'm Just Sayin...~~


  1. I will move my musicbox to the top to make it easier. As for the neighbor why not send a letter to his boss letting him know you were "visiting" his neighbors and saw the dog with no water and in poor shape. Of course not sign your name.

  2. Oh Peggy, I totally forgot you had music too. I hope you don't take it personally. It is just my own preferences.
    As for the boss.. that might work. I will have to think on it though.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love the music most of the people play (MOST) but sometimes it's set too loud and I can't find the music box. Some times I want to read the blog while listening to a pod cast...drives me crazy. I feel bad, because people put a lot of work into their blogs.
    Glad your med issues are being taken care of.

  4. Try looking at the SPCA site for TX. Meanwhile.. take pictures of the dogs, probably something with a date. See if it can be done where you are not involved or named (let them know he has retaliated before and for your safety you do not want to be named).. but have someone checks in on the dogs. If he's already been reported.. that's a helpful thing and maybe the shepard will get a chance.

    Not all cops are jerks.. and it is beyond disgusting irony that the abused creature is the same breed that is preferred by the police force.

  5. Sci...

    I am sorry to hear about the poor dogs next door. What a horrible predicament. It's one thing when it's your house and your neighbors, but you don't want to be making things harder for Mush and Bud either. What a position....I'll keep the little loves in my thoughts and maybe shove some good luck their way.

    As for the music, I have to say I completely agree. Out here in the middle of nowhere I have only so much bandwidth in a day before I have to pay to get out of restrictions, and the music drives me nuts too...but it's really no worse than the stupid video ads on websites that scare the crap out of me when I'm not expecting them.

    I've started reading all the blogs I follow through Google Reader ( because then I don't have to load a lot of big graphics, ads, music, etc. If a site I go to has that when I go to leave a comment I know to mute the speakers before I get there. Might work for you too....just a thought =)

    Jewell =) xo

  6. I take everything you say personally!!!!! FK

  7. I used to have music on my blog and took it off b/c it annoyed everyone. lol.

    That is so sad about those dogs. That is just hard to watch. Bless their hearts. Is there someway to call from a pay phone or something and report it anonymously? Maybe have a friend whose voice is not recognizeable do it at the pay phone?

    I have a new public blog..I blogged on AOL for years and have been over here for two, but had to go to a private blog. I missed everyone though so I started a new one. I'd love for you to visit, and or follow, if you have room for one more. lol


  8. Sci, I have gone through the "neighbor's dog" thing several times. The first time, at our first house, the poor boxer lived in an uncut back yard full of weeds 5 feet high. They threw water and food at the dog, but he barked constantly due to boredom. In the idiot woman's infinite wisdom, she got a second boxer to "keep him company". Then there were two neglected dogs...

    The second go 'round after we moved was a beautiful golden retreiver who was neglected in the back yard next door. Once again, a "companion mutt" was added to the mix. They were INFESTED with ticks. It was so bad I couldn't sit on my back porch because the ticks would swarm me. I hosed the yard down with some bootleg diazinon (it was illegal by then), but the ticks didn't go away until BOTH dogs died of their infestation, just days apart. The city refused to do anything. My dog survived because she's an inside dog, and we picked the ticks off of her every time she went outside. Some people shouldn't own animals. Furthermore, they should be subjected to the abuse they subjected their animals to...

  9. Hey SciFi, I'm one of the annoying ones! Ooops! I'm moving the juke box to the top of the column as soon as I finish here.

    It makes me feel sick to hear about the abuse of any creature. I hope that one of the suggestions kindly left here will work out for your situation.

    We adopted a neglected rabbit about 2 months ago that was covered with mats, some of them 3/4" thick. That's a lot of weight to be hanging onto delicate rabbit skin. I have almost all the mats cut off his topside, but he won't let me go near the underside so we'll be going to the vet to get a shearing and pedicure :-)

    I don't think I've ever left a comment this long before. I guess you hit a heart string telling about your neighbour's situation.

    Good luck with your health!

  10. Hey Sci,
    I completely understand about the music. I can't read while it plays. lol.
    We have people that treat their dogs that way around here. Or worse, they just drop them off somewhere on the road. AAAUUUGGGGG!!!