Thursday, September 2, 2010

Handmade Soap / Fig Jam

End of the Season Fig Jam
Woo Hoo!  I'm back online.  We had a little problem around here and lost the internet for a couple of days.  It seems the city is doing some underground work down the street and clipped a line.  They did a temporary fix that lasted a few hours but it is down again now.   This is the third time in the last couple of weeks that it has happened.  I don't understand it though because every time I drive by where they are "working" all I see are people standing around, looking in the hole and talking on radios.  Sign me up for one of those jobs will ya? 

I made another batch of soap yesterday and as far as I can tell it was a beautiful success.  I have decided I am going to go into the soap making business.  I am going to be talking to some local businesses about placing my soaps in their stores on a "consignment" type deal.  There are several places that I have in mind both here in Little Big Town and also in the next town over.  When we were in Tulsa a few weeks ago I saw a small display of homemade lye soap at this little grocery/butcher shop for sale.  That's when the idea just sort of "clicked". 

I feel really good about this and hope to be able to make a part-time go of it soon.  Of Course the soap has to cure for 3-4 weeks before it will be ready.  The first batch should be ready to go in another week or so.  So I have a little time to make up a few sample baskets and all. I've decided to offer it here on this blog as well.  So stay tuned for Homemade Soaps coming your way soon!

I am really starting to see the increase in food prices in the last couple of weeks.  It is a bit unnerving to me.  My friend Shelly ( who writes for the Ohio Prepper's Network ) and I were talking about it again last night.  She is an avid coupon-aholic and very good at it.  She has been trying to "educate" me about some of the ways she saves money.  She actually found a couple of sites for me here in Oklahoma that look like they are going to help me save some of those precious dollars. She has got me excited about this!  I can see where I really might be able to save a noticeable amount of money and we all know that I am cheap....errr...frugal I mean.  I am hoping to get her to do a guest post about some of the tips and tricks that she uses to feed her rather large family. 

I am happy to report that I have officially finished my first identifiable knitting project!  Yep, you can actually tell what this one is!  I'm really starting to enjoy it too.  My next project ( which I have already started ) is a matching scarf.  And then who knows where that will lead.  

Someday it might actually lead to a pair of hand-knitted socks!  I don't see it in the near future but ..

                                         ~~Hey... I'm Just Sayin...~~


  1. WooHoo!!!
    For both the soap and the knitted cap. Excellent job, Sci!!! I can't wait to see the scarf.

    I am proud of you, my friend! You are doing/learning some amazing things.


  2. Your hat looks fabulous. Can't wait to see the scarf. Isn't making soap addictive? I made a batch this morning and can't wait to make another one tomorrow. I need to buy more supplies this weekend.

  3. Great hat! Love the soaps, too. Keep us up to date on the soap business, I may try the same thing once the goats start producing milk down here. I found a couple of great recipes for goats milk soap I am itching to try!

  4. Your hat looks great..After the scarf many some mittins to match...knitted ones are so warm..Your doing great with the knitting..

    Your soap looks wonderful and it is a great idea to sell on your blog to..

    I have seen the prices soar in our area..I have started some short growing things in containers and hope we will get a little of it..

    Have a wonderful day..

  5. Wow Sci, I'm so proud of ya. Your determination to learn and overcome obstacles is inspirational. The hat and soap look fantastic. You have the makings to start a small business there. Give me a bit and I'll whip up some of my secrets. lol

  6. Mail me some soap when you get ready to sell some. I will pay you on your site with a donation!!! FK

  7. Nice work! I haven't made soap for a couple of years. Last batch has lasted me a long time but it was fun to do.

  8. Ok, you are making me want to try the whole soap thing. lol. But, of course, I'll have to buy some off of you too. lol. Check out granny's garden at She makes all kinds of soap and she sells it. It's beautiful! All the different kinds that she has.

  9. Hey there, SciFi! I'm catching up on blogs this week while on vacation. Wow! Have you been industrious! I got a good chuckle reading about your identifiable knitting project. lol Handcrafts are the best aren't they?

    I sold soap at Farmers markets and shoppes for 5 years - what a great experience it was. Among other things, I learned that I'd rather set my hair on fire than do production work. LOL

    Wishing you the greatest success in your endeavour, friend.