Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dog Days

It's been a really nice day.  Just one of those "nothing special" sort of days but hey, that in itself is pretty special.  We've just been puttering around the house and the yard with no real plans to get anything in particular done. Just hanging out and enjoying this beautiful weather. Have you ever noticed how much you can get accomplished sometimes when your not doing anything?  

I've done a few loads of laundry and even got them folded!  I have been known to be a little lazy about that. Now I just need to get them put away.  I've gone through my coupons and am trying to get them organized. There are quite a few that are about ready to expire so I've been sorting them out to see what I might still be able to use. I have a shopping list started. 

  Let's see, the front of the house is vacuumed , the dishes are done and put away and the trash is taken out. I got a little knitting done sitting in the backyard and soaking up the fresh air.  I'm still working on that scarf and I am hoping I can finish it in time to use it this winter.  I guess we will see how that plays out!

We have a pork loin smoking on the pit and a big 'ol pot of pinto beans on the stove. That big loaf of rustic Italian-style bread Mushroom and I made last night and a tossed salad ought to round things out and make a mighty nice dinner.  The dog's have been having a great day too.  You can sure tell they are enjoying the weather as much as we are!

Speaking of dogs, I don't know if you remember our "criminal" dog or not.  She is (was)  still playing the escape artist by jumping the fence in the evenings. At least she hasn't brought home anymore new toys!  Anyway, when she was a pup we had one of those "invisible" fences complete with the training collar.  It didn't take her any time at all to understand how it worked.  Within a couple of days she had her boundaries figured out. She was a really easy dog to train. She's a smart girl and hands down the best dog I have ever been lucky enough to hang out with!

Well I guess she thinks we haven't noticed her late night outings are still going on. She hasn't brought any new toys home lately but she HAS been out wandering around the neighborhood.  I would be heartbroken if something happened to her.  We don't have the training collar anymore so yesterday Mars  decided he would put up a hotwire around the top of the backyard fence.  Needless to say, it didn't take very long at all for her to discover her escape route had been shut down.  Once is usually enough for her.   I can't say for sure just yet but I'm betting she won't be taking any more early morning strolls by herself any time soon! 
                                    ~~Hey... I'm Just Sayin...~~


  1. Don't you just LOVE those "nothing planed" days?!

  2. Supper sounds great and I'm not to shy to say, I'd be glad to be invited over, if we lived closer*wink*

    Your escapee story is funny and I understand your not wanting something to happen to her. Our Aussie was out in the pasture one day and the calf decided he looked like a good play buddy, well.... the end of the story was a yelping like a dog had been hit by a car. I was up front and thought, Oh No someones doggie got hit. Cortney comes up front yelling did you hear him. I asked who she was talking about? Well it seems his escape route was very narrow and he ended up touching the hotwire, setting off on a yelping spree, all the way back to the house. The poor calf followed him, almost like he was saying," Sorry..... but I didn't do it!" Our Aussie is pretty much a big ole baby, he's a lover not a fighter, LOL!!!! He was no worse for the wear*wink* Only his pride was hurt. :o)

  3. Hot wires are pretty harsh stuff (had to use them because of an escape artist horse). Can't keep her in at night or look into a zip line?

  4. SFG- Aren't they the best!

    Kelle- You are welcome anytime! Pull up a chair and lets eat!

    Anne- I would rather use a hot wire than loose her to being hit by a car or someone shooting her. Seems less harsh to me. If I could keep her in at night I would, but that isn't an option where we are. Being an escape artist, she knows how to slip a collar as well. For us, this is the course we have chosen to take. Have a blessed day!

    Thank you all for stopping by! I hope to see you again real soon!

  5. Sounds like your day is going better than perfect. The wire should work on keeping the dog is it works for my neighbors Birds Dog. I am coming to your House for Dinner itsounds better than what got in the crockpot. I hope your days going great you deserve it.