Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a beautiful day here with temperatures headed to about 85.  We didn't get the rain that was predicted for the weekend either.  Well it rained a little but not enough to skip watering the garden.  I'm sure glad the big garden has its own watering system or we would be having to water 24/7 and its not even hot yet!  The radishes are ready!! And boy are they good. 

Speaking of water... have you heard about the water outage in Massachusetts?  They are actually  fighting in the stores over bottled water.  This should make you consider what would happen if SHTF where you are.  It also is a great reminder for us all to keep on prepping like there is no tomorrow.  Hey who knows what tomorrow will bring... and if it brings something bad how ready are you?  It might be a good time to do a little inventory and see what sort of holes you might have in your preps.  And then work on plugging some of those holes up as best you can.

Our little "herb" garden is doing well. Only its not much of an herb garden at this point.  Some things didn't come up and so Mars has been putting other "things" where they were.  So there are now some squash, cantaloupe, brussel sprouts and who knows what else he's put out there.  It will be interesting to see what we end up with.  The tomato's are doing good.  When we plant tomato's we start by burying about 80% of the plant.  It makes for some really sturdy plants.  As there seems to be a lack of "pollinators" around here Mars resorted to being "IT".  You just take a q-tip and lightly touch around the flower and then touch the next one... and so on and so on.  It works!  Another thing to remember if your tomato's are blooming is to water at the base of the plant.  You don't want to "rinse off" the pollen!

The oil spill in the Gulf will most certainly hurt the environment for months if not years to come.  If you like those little cans of shrimp and crab and other seafoods it might be in your best interest to stock up on them now while you can  A. Still find it and  B. Still afford it.  Just a thought.

Hey... I'm just sayin.....


  1. I've had to hand pollinate a couple of times. You can use a small paint brush and just got from blossum to blossum as Mars did. I had issues with my corn once and took a broom to it. Someoe told me to go beat it up with a broom and it would pollinate, so I did and it worked real well! lol
    Lots of tricks the old timers know and are worth listening to.

  2. That's some good advice, to stock up on the canned seafood. What a mess things are there in the Gulf. It's still spewing away, I think.

  3. Wow, I can't believe how stupib I been, merrily watering away, not thinking about the pollen. Thanks for the tip.
    That oil polluting your coastline like that is terrible. All the birds and fish etc man it's just not right is it. It's like the oil tanker stuck on the Barrier Reef atm another catastrophy.
    Nice meeting you