Monday, April 6, 2009


I went to WallyWorld this week. As I always do I swung through the sporting goods section to check on shells for the 30.30 . As I expected, there were none. I haven't found any at this store for the last 4 months or so. The gentleman behind the counter told me that as soon as they get ammo onto the shelves it's pretty much gone. We had a rather long conversation about the subject. He said he has been watching people stockpiling like never before. Where some would once buy a box or two of shells, they are now buying the whole case.

The guy was a sweetheart. He told me about a feed store here in town that carries ammo ( deer hunters ya know). He was kind enough to call them for me and ask if they had any 30.30's. They had two boxes and would hold them for me until I could drive over. Now thats going above and beyond as far as I am concerned.

I asked about 22LR's and there were none on the shelves. He then told me another story ( there were a few). He was helping a customer the other day who wanted 22LR's. I'm guessing WallyGuy had been chatting with this man same as he was chatting to me. The man told him he worked for HomeLand Security. When WallyGuy told him he only had one case the man tells him he will take the whole case. As he is picking up the case to put in his basket, the guy smirks at WallyGuy and states....These will probably be as good as legal tender in 6 months time. Now the guy may have been full of it. Or not. Who knows! It scared me none the less.

Then WallyGuy says he thinks he may have a case of 22LR in the back so if I want to shop and come back he would check. Well he only had 2 boxes so I picked both of them up.

It was actually a nice experience in a funny sort of way. WallyGuy went out of his way to help me and it is greatly appreciated. I even called the store manager and emailed the corporate office to let them know what a great job he was doing.


  1. Kinda scary, I agree. But, seems like makes a creepy sorta sense. I have not been to chinamart lately, but I should go just to check on the ammo situation! The gun store in our little town still has a lot of ammo.

  2. It couldn't hurt and you might just be surprised at what you see.